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Awesome DIY Planters

Published on NewsOK Published: February 11, 2013

Large cans are another awesome free DIY planter idea. While small supermarket-sized vegetable cans don't have enough room for a plant with a substantial root ball to grow, industrial sized cans are a sure bet. Check the garbage (dumpster diving!) of cafes. If you are on friendly terms with your office cafeteria workers, or your local barista, or the waitress at your local diner, don't be afraid to ask them for large cans from the kitchen. They very well might be able to locate a few that are headed to the garbage. Poke drainage holes into the bottom of the can with a hammer and a nail. Smaller cans are great for starting seedlings or small transplants in.

Not everyone has one of these hanging around, but they're perfect containers for a garden. Large troughs or barrels give you plenty of room to plant bigger crops. Scour yard sales and local flea markets for plastic, wood, or galvanized metal tubs. Planting in troughs is an excellent way to grow pounds of food in a tiny garden.

You can also make a hanging planter from an old tire. If you're handy, do as blogger Pamela, a DIY painter in Schenectady, from Pink Hammers and Sippy Cups did. The project involves cleaning, cutting, and painting an old tire. The result is a sturdy planter that looks a bit like a flower. It can be suspended as a hanging planter, or it can be placed on the ground.

What's your favorite way to make your own planters? Have you figured out an amazing and awesome, cheap DIY planter solution. Please tell us in the comments!

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