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Back in production: Why the Sooners' offensive unpredictability under Bob Stoops has paid off

OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL — OU’s ability under Bob Stoops to be unpredictable offensively also makes a difference. Nobody knew who was going to start at quarterback in the Sugar Bowl against Alabama last January.
by Jason Kersey Published: August 23, 2014

When Knight earned the nod, the Crimson Tide clearly underestimated his arm. Knight earned Sugar Bowl MVP honors after torching an Alabama defense that expected to see much more quarterback running.

In 2013, Knight will be a threat with both his arms and legs, and that might be enough to keep defenses guessing most of the year.

“I don’t know that people in Oklahoma really realize how unique what has happened here over the past seven or eight years is,” said co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell. “Most people lined up in one formation or one personnel group.

“We’ve taken a very complicated set of formations and personnel groupings and put it in a no-huddle system, and we haven’t slowed down over the past seven, eight years.”