Background checks not effective

Published: March 24, 2013

Regarding “Congress must protect those who protect us” (Point of View, March 10) by police chiefs Bill Citty, Virgil Green and Norman McNickle: With police officers and the law-abiding public surrounded by liberal judges, attorneys, politicians and high-ranking law enforcement officials, the rank-and-file street officers need more protection from the policies and procedures mandated by self-anointed oracles of wisdom. They certainly don't need protection from me.

If there actually have been 2 million gun sales denied under the current system, why aren't those outlaws stacked like cordwood in the prisons since it's a felony for a criminal to attempt to buy a gun? Since the only people who are affected by idiotic gun laws are the law-abiding citizenry, the idea to force private individuals to do federal background checks collapses under its own weight because gun traffickers and criminals by their very nature don't abide by the laws! No background check, expanded or otherwise, would have caught either the Sandy Hook or Colorado killers.

Considering how the Obama administration became one of the largest suppliers of weapons to violent Mexican drug cartels (Operation Fast and Furious), reassurances about my privacy and civil rights ring hollow. If politicians and police chiefs don't trust me with my firearms, regardless of design, why am I expected to trust them with those firearms that they have and control?

Forest Wells, Piedmont

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