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Barrymore nurturing beauty brand Flower with care

By SAMANTHA CRITCHELL, AP Fashion Writer Published: January 17, 2013

If she doesn't look her best, there will be a photographer around the corner to capture it, she says.

One would think that a signature girlish giggle from Barrymore, the granddaughter of screen legend John Barrymore and star of “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” the “Charlie's Angels” movies and the HBO movie “Grey Gardens,” would go a long way.

Watching her in the corporate board rooms at the Tribeca offices of Maesa, Barrymore seems in control of the conversations she's having with executives, publicists and reporters while putting everyone at ease.

She's wearing a colorful shirt and dark jeans, and her hair is wrapped in a tight bun. She pops in and out of a chair during a photo shoot to greet colleagues. Maybe she makes her handlers a tiny bit frustrated because she carefully considers the colors and products she wants to highlight as her “picks.” (I Lavendare You nail polish, About Face foundation and Intense Black mascara eventually emerge as the “must-haves” of the day.)

As with everything in life, Barrymore says, finding the right partner is what makes it work. “If you're alone in your living room with goals, then you're alone in your living room with goals. All together — here we are.”

Walmart was already planning to make over its beauty department, says Carmen Bauza, vice president of beauty and personal care for Walmart U.S.

“We wanted something special. We were not interested in a trend, a celebrity brand that wouldn't last,” she said. “We want this to be here and be here for a long time.”

Bauza adds, “I know my customer finds Drew relatable.”

Flower Films is the name of Barrymore's production company, and it seemed a natural for a beauty brand. It's pretty, uplifting and happy — and it could be the most ornate rose or the simplest daisy, just like the woman wearing it.

Barrymore says she was surprised the name wasn't taken, but her father-in-law, Arie Koppelman, the former Chanel CEO, couldn't believe it. “He kept saying, `How could it not be taken?' And it is pretty insane that there's at least not a perfume with that name!”

Maybe there will be soon.


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