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Bartender Returns $200 She Stole 15 Years Ago Published: July 10, 2014

A woman paid back $200 she stole from a bar 15 years ago while bartending because "it was wrong and I regret it," according to ABC News.

When Pamela Hedges, owner of the sports bar Gibb's, found out a letter in her mailbox, she thought it was a credit letter from a bank. But when she opened the envelope, she was stunned to find a $200 check and a handwritten apology from a thief.

The note came last Thursday from an ex-employee who worked for Hedges’ bar 15 years ago, asking for forgiveness of a crime. Pamela Hedges, 57, and her husband Gibbs Hedges, 71, owned the bar for 30 years in Beatrice, Neb. While working at the bar, the employee had stolen about $200, the letter stated.

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