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Baseball: Five guys and a goat en route to Wrigley Field to break 'the curse'

What started as an inebriated conversation after a slowpitch softball game morphed into a hike of around 2,000 miles for Phillip Aldrich, Blake Ferrell, P.J. Fisher, Matt Gregory, Kyle Townsend — and a goat named Wrigley.
by Ryan Aber Published: April 19, 2012

They left Feb. 25 — Santo's birthday — and plan to make it to Chicago on May 28, when the Cubs host the San Diego Padres.

The journey so far has been plenty eventful. The carrier that Wrigley rides in broke and had to be welded back together in Shamrock, Texas. The mesh window on one side of the carrier was first torn by some barbed wire and then gnawed away by Wrigley. Aldrich's shoes include a scrap of tire duct-taped to the sole to get him through the journey.

Friday, though, New Balance is outfitting the group with new shoes in Edmond.

They've been making good progress, lately walking around 25 miles each day, while camping on the side of the road generally.

At one Texas stop, a hotel owner put them up for free. Locals along the way have also helped with food and water.

“Everyone's been real friendly,” Gregory said. “We've met a lot of awesome people pretty much every day.

“It's been really nice going through Texas and Oklahoma where you've got little towns everywhere.”

When the group left Roswell, N.M., they had to load down with food and water because there were no towns around for days.

Along the way, they've taken four days off from hiking. Thursday was their 17th consecutive day.

Their next scheduled day off comes Monday in Tulsa. Fisher's sister lives there, and Ferrell also has some friends in Tulsa.

“We're really looking forward to that,” Townsend said. “It'll be nice to relax for a bit.”

The next day, though, they'll be back on the road with Wrigley.

“We're not sure if they'll let the goat into the game,” Gregory said. “I guess we'll find out when we get there.”

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