Bathroom Cleaning Ideas Without Air Contaminants

Published on NewsOK Published: July 23, 2013

Bathrooms are dirty places. Pee, poop, mildew, mold, and plenty of moisture -- it makes total sense why one would pull out the hardcore cleansers to clean and disinfect the loo.  However, consider the effect of bathroom cleansers on indoor air quality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency names household cleansers as one source of volatile organic compounds.

The Minnesota Department of Public Health also lists cleaning and disinfecting chemicals as a source of volatile organic compounds. "Studies have shown that the level of VOC's indoors is generally two to five times higher than the level of VOC’s outdoors," they said.

One step you can take to reduce volatile organic compounds in your indoor air is to eliminate household cleansers that emit them. Bathroom cleansers frequently off-gas quite a bit. There's no need to worry about having an unsanitary bathroom. These DIY cleansers are air-friendly and get the job done.

Air-friendly toilet cleanser: One cup of vinegar and a squirt of liquid castile soap are all you need for a sparkling clean, deodorized toilet bowl. Pour in vinegar, squirt castile soap under the rim, scrub with a toilet brush, and flush. Add essential oils, like lemon or grapefruit, for a fresh scent and added disinfectant power.

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