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Battered Boar introduces new saison

Nick Trougakos Published: September 26, 2013

Fresh on the heels of the release of its Dante’s Porter, Battered Boar is set to introduce its next beer to the market — Clementine Saison:

Battered Boar brewmaster Mike Sandefur said the beer should be hitting the shelves in the next couple weeks. I asked Sandefur to pass along a description of the beer, and here’s what he shared:

We brewed this beer much the same way farmhouse ales were produced hundreds of years ago. We have always appreciated the elegant simplicity of saisons. Grain bills and production methods can vary widely for this style. We chose to use the best ingredients we could find and we kept the recipe simple. First and foremost we wanted to bring out all the incredible attributes of saison yeast. We knew that saisons do best when fermented at high temperatures, so we did just that. We ran this beer at an average temperature of 90 degrees right in the bay of our brewery. We hadn’t done this before and were a bit concerned with the outcome. We said our prayers, hoped for the best, and just like the Trappist monks who preceded us, we sat back and waited for the yeast to do its job.

A word on oranges: We chose to use the clementine variety of Mandarin oranges. There are hundreds of types of theses oranges available. We chose the clementine for its quality, consistency and sweetness. We chose to utilize every part of the orange. … We knew that the skin of the orange contained the ever important oils that would build a sound foundation for the delicious citrus quality we wanted. We were determined not to waste a thing so we processed the orange as follows:

-We peeled the oranges

-We pounded the skin of the orange with a meat-tenderizing mallet to release the oils

-We thinly sliced the skin and the meat of the orange

-We combined it all with the juice of the orange

-In the brew pot it went

The results were just what we had hoped for. Clementine Saison hits the nose with a combination of saison yeast and a delicate orange aroma.  It’s crisp, light and clean, leaving you with wisps of citrus and a refreshing dry finish. We think it pairs well with everything, but it’s content to stand alone in a glass to be enjoyed. Probably the most refreshing beer we’ve ever produced.

Again, look for that in stores here in the next couple weeks.

Daily Pints

-Speaking of new labels, the feds have approved keg labels for Prairie Pucheon, Funky Gold Mosaic, Vanilla Noir and Coffee Noir, so you can expect to see those popping up on tap around town probably.

-I blogged earlier today on the beer list for tomorrow’s ZooBrew V, which is now sold out. You can see the list here.

-Ol’ Freddy at the Jenks BierGarten shared a list of recent postings for Oklahoma. As Freddy says, it’s not 100 percent until it’s on the shelf. Here’s the list:

Abita Grapefruit IPA
Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad
Boulevard Nutcracker
Boulevard Pop-Up Session IPA
Boulevard Reboot White IPA
Choc Belgian Style Quad 4-Packs
Choc Smoketoberfest
Delirium Nocturnum
Delirium Noel
Delirium Tremons
Eggenberg Dopplebock
Green Flash Green Bullet IPA
Lost Coast Winterbraun
Marshall El Cucuy
MmmmHOPS (Hansen Beer collab with Mustang)
Redhook Winterhook
Rogue Honey Kolsch 750s
Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter
Samichlause Classic 4-Packs, 750 and Keg
Samichlause Helles 4-Pack, 750 and Keg
Sierra Nevada 2013 Harvest 22 oz.
Sierra Nevada Narwhal
Sprecher Black Bravaria
Sprecher Pub Ale
Sprecher Special Amber
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