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MCT International Budget for Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated at 0100 UTC (8 p.m. U.S. EST Monday).

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McClatchy-Tribune News Service

MCT International Budget for Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated at 0100 UTC (8 p.m. U.S. EST Monday).

Additional news stories, including full U.S. coverage, appear on the MCT-NEWS-BJT and MCT-NEWSFEATURES-BJT.


^Pope Benedict XVI to resign<


Benedict announced his decision in Latin during a meeting of Vatican cardinals Monday morning and said it was because of his age.

A conclave to elect a new pope will form before the end of March.

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VIDEO: Pope Benedict XVI to resign Feb. 28


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VIDEO: Pope Benedict resigns


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VIDEO: At Vatican, reaction to pope's resignation


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VIDEO: World Leaders Express `Respect' for pope


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^Pope Benedict XVI had clear vision, despite church scandals<


Most people saw Pope Benedict XVI _ who announced Monday he would resign on February 28 because of health reasons _ as simply a staunch defender of Church orthodoxy.

In fact, he was a complex person, an incisive thinker whose reservations about contemporary culture and love for Mozart and Beethoven would not deter him from his main concern in life: the pursuit of truth.

700 by Nicholas Rigillo in Vatican City. MOVED


^By exiting papacy, Benedict follows a precedent not seen in centuries<


But his plans changed when he was elected to head the Roman Catholic Church, becoming Pope Benedict XVI. Retirement was forgotten; the expectation was that Ratzinger, now Benedict, would die occupying "the chair of Peter," as the pope's throne is known.

Monday, Benedict shocked the world by announcing he would step down at the end of February, the first pope to do that in nearly 600 years.

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^Papal resignation has Americas abuzz<


Monday's news came less than a year after Benedict visited Mexico and Cuba and as he was gearing up for a July visit to Brazil, nominally the most Catholic country in the world.

The resignation also comes at a time when talk of a new pope from the developing world, where the majority of the world's Catholics live, has gained momentum.

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^Experts offer their top 5 picks for the next pope<


650 by Cathy Lynn Grossman. MOVED


^Despite sanctions, US aid to Afghanistan might also be helping Iran<


Recent safeguards installed to stop the possibility of the practice might not be enough, according to the audit, which came out in January.

While there is no direct evidence that the Afghan army actually purchased Iranian oil with American tax dollars, the report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction describes the possibility as a cause for concern.

850 (with trims) by Matthew Schofield in Washington. MOVED

^Afghan peace plan in trouble as Pakistani clerics balk at proposed meeting<


At issue is a conference between Pakistani and Afghan religious leaders scheduled for next month in Kabul, the Afghan capital, that was intended to provide religious support for efforts to resolve the war in Afghanistan. But the Pakistani clerics are refusing to participate unless the Taliban are included, something that would be impossible in Afghanistan.

650 (with trims) by Saeed Shah in Islamabad. MOVED

^Rural Afghanistan force with shady reputation may grow<


The plan by the U.S. Special Operations Command would extend a financial lifeline from the Pentagon to the Afghan Local Police for at least five more years, providing $1.2 billion to train, arm and pay 45,000 fighters, up from a current force of 19,600, according to senior U.S. officials and planning documents.

1050 (with trims) by David S. Cloud and Shashank Bengali in Washington. MOVED

^Car bomb on Turkish-Syrian border kills 10, injures dozens<


The blast occurred at the Cilvegozu Border Gate on the Turkish side of the border. It connects Turkey with Syria's Bab al-Hawa crossing, which has been in the hands of Syrian rebels for months.

The explosives were in a parked vehicle with Syrian license plates, the news agency reported.

250 by Raja Abdulrahim in Beirut. MOVED


STAND-ALONE VIDEO: France, Mali retake control of Gao


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^9/11 hearings bogged down on attorney-client privilege<


At issue is an emergency motion filed by defense lawyers who argue that unidentified intelligence agencies have channels to listen in on privileged attorney-client conversations in the case against alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four accused co-conspirators in the murder of nearly 3,000 people in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

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^GUANTANAMO-1ST-LEDE:TBW_<600 by Richard A. Serrano in Fort Meade, Md. MOVED


^Pentagon extends some benefits to gay service members and their families<


Leon E. Panetta, the outgoing secretary of defense, signed an order Monday that permits same-sex partners and their dependents to use numerous family-oriented facilities and services on U.S. military bases, including recreation areas, counseling programs, school buses, child care and shopping exchanges.

750 (with trims) by David S. Cloud in Washington. MOVED

^Teen pregnancy fell to 'historic low' in 2011, study finds<


Writing in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, Brady E. Hamilton and colleagues summarized vital statistics from birth certificates and death records in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Overall, there were 3,953,593 births in the U.S. in 2011, 1 percent fewer than in 2010.

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^Stuart Freeborn, 'Star Wars' makeup artist, dies at 98<


Freeborn, whose pioneering career spanned seven decades, died Tuesday in London from ailments related to old age. He was 98.

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^Maker's Mark lowering proof to meet demand<


After looking at "all possible solutions," the total alcohol by volume of Maker's Mark is being reduced by 3 percent. Representatives said the change will allow it to maintain the same taste while making sure there's "enough Maker's Mark to go around." It's working to expand its distillery and production capacity, too.

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^Chinese Year of the Snake not always good for stock market<


150 by Walter Hamilton. MOVED

^Analysis: Microsoft's nightmare is Dell and Apple's reversal<


But that's just what's happened. The technology landscape's transformation came into ultra high-definition with Dell going private in a leveraged buyout after years of PC struggles, and Apple under assault by an activist shareholder for its huge cash pile.

400 by Scott Martin in San Francisco. MOVED


^Kahlo and Rivera: The intersection of art, pain and politics <


You can speculate, but unless you are one of the players, how can you possibly know for sure? And sometimes, even the people involved in the relationship can't pinpoint their reasons for remaining a pair.

Yet from the moment Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera met in the late 1920s until now, many have tried to answer that question. Why did Kahlo and Rivera stay together? She was the petite, self-taught painter of some of the 20th century's most riveting portraits of suffering, misery and vitality. He was the gargantuan, classically trained artist and titan of the 20th century's muralist movement. And their 25-year marriage seemed the very definition of tumult, betrayal and grief.

Through a remarkable assemblage of nearly 140 paintings, lithographs, drawings and photographs spanning the couple's lifetime, Atlanta's High Museum of Art tries to answer that question in the exhibit, "Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting." The show, which runs Feb. 14-May 12, is a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in Toronto, which first mounted the show last fall.

The High is the only United States venue for the dual retrospective.

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^Jillian Michaels shares secrets to be 'Slim for Life'<


Michaels, 38, shares her best diet and exercise advice in her new book, "Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss" (Harmony Books, $25), out Tuesday. It's her seventh book; she also has done more than 30 exercise DVDs. She and her partner, Heidi Rhoades, have two children, daughter Lukensia, 2, and son Phoenix, 9 months.

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^Frank Ocean always does things his way<


The singer had won two Grammys, had thanked an audience that was just getting to know him. He had watched the Black Keys run toward a sweep, only to be later silenced by Mumford & Sons. He'd been robbed by future one-hit-wonders Fun. for best new artist and beaten by Gotye for song of the year. The losses no doubt stung.

Then came "Forrest Gump," the final song on "Channel Orange," and you realized, once again, how the Grammys had missed the most exciting new figure on the scene. Besides his arrival as a magnetic songwriter, this piece of writing most obviously addresses the other transformative event that set him apart last year: the revelation that his first romantic love was to a young man he had nicknamed Forrest Gump. His performance said volumes about how Ocean has dictated his own success and perhaps predicted his Sunday slights.

Any recognition for Ocean _ he won Grammys for urban contemporary album and shared in the rap/ sung collaboration award for Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church in the Wild," which he co-wrote and sings on _ signals a welcome for someone willing to break out of the ridiculously limiting rules of commercial pop music, someone who at age 25 aspires to speak to a broad genre-defying audience but on his own musical terms.

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VIDEO: Chris Brown refuses to stand for Frank Ocean at Grammys


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^Commentary: Gotye, Fun. victories show pop's winning appeal<


But the 55th Grammy Awards also affirmed an old truism: Never underestimate the enduring appeal of well-crafted, easily digestible pop, the kind that doesn't require the winning artists to make solemn acceptance speeches about global warming or indigenous people's rights. Sometimes in music, as a rock 'n' roll troubadour once observed, feelin' good is good enough.

Which might be the mantra of the aptly named Fun., the New York trio of castaways from other bands, and Gotye, the project led by Belgian-born Wouter "Wally" De Backer. Both earned multiple gold statuettes Sunday by delivering instant-gratification pop, the kind that we count on to burst the bubble of self-seriousness that surrounds every legacy-media awards show.

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_55th Grammy Awards full of surprises


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_Justin Timberlake makes comeback at 2013 Grammys


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^After Milli Vanilli, live performances are required for music's biggest night<


Inside Staples Center, the singer's performance earned loud applause. But to the Twitterverse watching at home, the pop and country superstar sang a little bit flat.

Swift was dancing in the footsteps of countless artists who have performed live at music's biggest night. Unlike Beyonc at President Obama's inauguration last month, Swift had no choice: She had to sing and take her chances.

That's because the Grammys have a zero-tolerance policy for lip-syncing, requiring all performances be live.

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VIDEO: Taylor Swifts slams Harry Styles during opening performance at Grammys


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^Bob Keeler: Benedict XVI, a difficult pope to love<


Before his papacy, as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the church's chief doctrinal office, Ratzinger worked closely with Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. He watched that incredibly vigorous and athletic person morph before the eyes of the world into a stooped, shuffling, very ill old man. It's tough to imagine that those painful memories of John Paul didn't play a role in Benedict's decision.

1050 by Bob Keeler. MOVED


^^Christine M. Flowers: Pope Benedict's legacy_


But it was much more than any other pontiff had ever done.

This, above all other things, should be his legacy.

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^Fear and loathing in Egypt<


If you seem scared or intimidated, they smell your fear.

^Like other female reporters, I have grown accustomed to being constantly on guard while doing my job. But that can't guarantee safety. Sexual assaults on women protesters_

850 by Reem Abdellatif, a special correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in Cairo. MOVED

^Trudy Rubin: Risks abound for the latest U.S. commander in Afghanistan<


Dempsey, who travels in a shiny pod within the C-17, complete with working and sleeping quarters and secure communications equipment, is genial and thoughtful, and wears a blue baseball cap with the number 18 (he is the 18th joint chiefs chairman). He stressed the symbolism of the command transfer to reporters with him: Dunford will be final commander of international forces in Afghanistan, tasked with winding down America's longest war.

The glidepath is set for the drawdown. Yet there is a real prospect the country could revert to chaos, and re-emerge as a jihadi haven, if the U.S. exit is badly managed. So Dunford takes over when some of the war's toughest challenges lie ahead.

950 by Trudy Rubin, en route to Afghanistan. MOVED



700. MOVED


^Sounders' Zakuani working his way back from double leg fracture<


His Twitter account? Inactive.

Recording music in the studio? Not any more.

"It's just football," said Zakuani.

A simple statement, but one that has been a long time coming.

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