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News Budget for Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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News Budget for Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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^Ferguson, Mo., protesters hold peaceful march against police<

MISSOURI-SHOOTING-1ST-LEDE:LA _ Amid pleas for peace, dozens of demonstrators in Ferguson, Mo., staged a round of protests Wednesday afternoon in the St. Louis suburb where a police officer fatally shot an unarmed young black man, touching off three nights of unrest, including vandalism and looting.

"Hands up! Don't shoot!" demonstrators chanted as they walked down West Florissant Avenue in a permitted march. Some young men at the back of the group raised their middle fingers as they passed a Ferguson Police Department officer, shouting profanities at him.

About 30 demonstrators, who were almost all black, sat down in the middle of an intersection near a line of about a dozen riot police, who were all white.

1100 (with trims) by Matt Pearce in St. Louis. MOVED



Also moving as:



^Q&A on turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., after police shooting<

MISSOURI-SHOOTING-QA:LA _ As unrest surrounding a police shooting in Missouri unfolds, here are some questions and answers about what has happened so far.

700 by Lauren Raab. MOVED


^US sends aircraft to Iraq; Obama weighs mission to save refugees<

USIRAQ:TBW _ Administration officials said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is considering using military helicopters and other aircraft to help rescue thousands of refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar in northwest Iraq, potentially putting U.S. forces closer to the extremist fighters who have laid siege to the area.

The Pentagon said it has sent tilt-rotor cargo aircraft and helicopters to a "secure airfield" to northern Iraq as Obama weighs the operation, officials said.

The president has not yet made a decision on how to proceed, according to Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser.

600 by Kathleen Hennessey and David S. Cloud. MOVED


Also moving as:

IRAQ:WA _ 1100 (with trims) by Mitchell Prothero in Irbil, Iraq, and Anita Kumar and James Rosen in Washington. MOVED

^Israel and Hamas extend cease-fire in Gaza for an additional 5 days<


Palestinian spokesman Azzam Ahmad, at a news conference in Cairo, announced the extension and said it was hoped that a permanent end to the hostilities could be negotiated during the five days. He blamed delays to date on Israel, but said there was broad agreement on most points.

Israel had indicated earlier that it did not object to the truce extension, but said it would not negotiate under fire. But media reports said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed the military to respond to a volley of rockets fired shortly before the previous truce expired at midnight. The Israeli military had denounced "Gaza terrorists" for breaching the cease-fire.

600 by Laura King in Cairo and Batsheva Sobelman in Jerusalem. MOVED


^Iraq mission finds support in Europe, where fear of Islamic State already high<

IRAQ-EUROPE:WA _ Two months after the Islamic State laid claim to much of Iraq, European nations are reacting, driven in part by the fact that there are already thousands of European boots on the ground in this conflict _ fighting on the Islamic State side.

France on Wednesday officially announced it was delivering weapons to help the Kurds in their fight against the Islamic State, Britain has agreed to transport some of those weapons, and the German minister of defense is arguing that her country should consider providing weapons to the Kurds as well.

850 (with trims) by Matthew Schofield in Berlin. MOVED

^Al-Abadi wins praise inside and outside Iraq, but al-Maliki still plans fight<

IRAQ-ABADI:WA _ Iraq's prime minister-designate, Haider al-Abadi, seems to have the backing of nearly every major political alliance in the country, but there's no guarantee he'll be able to take office as long as the current prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, holds the keys to power in the Iraqi capital.

Al-Maliki made that point clear Wednesday in a televised address in which he once again declared his intent to fight to keep his post.

This time, he announced that al-Abadi's appointment to succeed him had "no value." Al-Maliki also warned that chaos might follow if Iraq's federal court doesn't side with him in interpreting Iraq's Constitution in his favor.

"This government will continue," al-Maliki said, until a court orders him to step down.

1000 (with trims) by Adam Ashton in Baghdad. MOVED


^Obama 'appreciated' Clinton's phone call to smooth over spat<

CLINTON-OBAMA:TBW _ President Barack Obama "appreciated" the almost-sorry phone call from former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the White House said Wednesday, as it tried to tie a bow on an awkward public row between the two before they meet for cocktails in polite company.

The president and his on-again, off-again rival _ or more precisely, their aides _ have been trying to smooth over Clinton's criticism of Obama's foreign policy published in a magazine interview earlier this week.

300 by Kathleen Hennessey in Edgartown, Mass. MOVED

^Clinton's lead over GOP candidates shrinking<

GOP2016-POLL:WA _ Potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's lead over a crowded prospective Republican field has narrowed and her support has slipped below 50 percent, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

Clinton remains ahead of potential Republican rivals including Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. But recent gaffes by the former secretary of state have helped close the gap.

900 (with trims) by William Douglas in Washington. MOVED


^Rep. Colleen Hanabusa files suit to delay Hawaii Senate primary vote<

HAWAII-SENATE:LA _ U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Hawaii Office of Elections in an effort to push back a scheduled make-up vote later this week that will decide the Democratic primary election between her and appointed incumbent U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz.

"As of this filing, voters in the affected area are still without power and local roads remain blocked," Hanabusa's attorneys wrote in the lawsuit filed in the state's Circuit Court against chief election officer, Scott Nago. "With blocked roads, widespread damage, and limited means of communication, there is no practical manner to ensure that all residents will receive adequate notice of the announced election or be able to access the precincts on that day."

400 by Kurtis Lee. MOVED

^With John Walsh's exit, Montana Democrats prepare to select new nominee<


The convention comes after Walsh dropped his bid last week to retain the seat after allegations that he had plagiarized parts of a 2007 paper he submitted for an advanced degree at the U.S. Army War College.

Democrats have an uphill climb to retain of control of the seat held by longtime Sen. Max Baucus before he was tapped to become the U.S. ambassador to China.

600 by Kurtis Lee. MOVED


^Robin Williams' death makes public the usually private agony of suicide<


Now, in the wake of the news that comedian Robin Williams committed suicide at age 63, an entire world linked by social media has been left trying to process why a successful and widely admired man could become so overwhelmed by despair that he felt compelled to commit suicide.

Williams' death undoubtedly has affected the public in such a profound way because of his ability to make us all feel as if we really knew him. And while mental health experts say the reasons for suicide are complex, the outpouring of raw emotion this week has made it easier to discuss a sensitive topic that has touched so many.

950 (with trims) by Mark Emmons in San Jose, Calif. MOVED

^Williams' daughter quits social media, citing harassment<

WILLIAMS-DAUGHTER:LA _ The daughter of the late actor Robin Williams is taking a break from social media after she says she was hounded by "cruel and unnecessary" comments from the public on her profiles.

Zelda Williams posted the message early Wednesday on her Instagram account, saying some were "mining" her family's social media account for photographs of her father, and judging her on a number of them.

300 by Veronica Rocha in Los Angeles. MOVED

^Robin Williams' friends saw signs he was succumbing to depression<

WILLIAMS-LASTDAYS:LA _ The end was shockingly sudden: a belt hung on a door; an assistant's distraught call to 911. But the road that led to Robin Williams' apparent suicide at age 63 was a long one _ and if you knew where to look, there were plenty of signposts indicating trouble along the way.

In the wake of Williams' death at his home here Monday, fans around the world have struggled to understand what could have led a man whose thousand-megawatt comic persona had brought so much joy to millions to such depths of despair. But Williams' closest friends and colleagues knew well that beneath his manic, Technicolor exterior, the actor had battled depression for years.

In recent months _ as Williams wrestled with the cancellation of his CBS TV series "Crazy Ones" and fought to maintain a sobriety that had at times proved fragile _ those friends could see that he was losing that fight.

1500 (with trims) by Josh Rottenberg, Amy Kaufman and Lee Romney in Tiburon, Calif. MOVED



^Virginia same-sex couples can marry next week, court rules<

VIRGINIA-GAYMARRIAGE:LA _ A federal appeals court denied a request to block same-sex marriages from being performed in Virginia, and unless the Supreme Court intervenes, couples can begin to wed as early as next week, according to court filings and the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

In a ruling handed down Wednesday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request for a stay of its 2-1 decision last month to overturn Virginia's voter-approved ban on gay marriage.

400 by James Queally. MOVED

^Police question daughter, boyfriend after woman's body found in suitcase <


1100 (with trims) by Adam Sege And Meredith Rodriguez. MOVED

^Texas Gov. Perry says National Guard 'tip of spear' guarding border<

TEXAS-BORDER:LA _ Texas Gov. Rick Perry told National and State Guard troops headed to the border region that they would play a key role in protecting the U.S. against "narco terrorists" who are "spreading their tentacles" into Texas and deep into the American heartland.

"You now are the tip of the spear, protecting Americans from these cartels and gangs," Perry told a uniformed group of about 90 troops gathered in a warehouse at Camp Swift, about 35 miles east of Austin and 300 miles north of the border.

550 by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Bastrop, Texas. MOVED

^In Colorado, tax revenue from recreational pot lower than expected<

COLO-MARIJUANA:LA _ Colorado's lower taxes on medicinal marijuana are hindering projected tax revenue from recreational pot sales, according to a recent study released by the state's Department of Revenue.

Prior to recreational sales becoming legal in January, voters last fall overwhelmingly passed a measure placing special excise and sales taxes on recreational marijuana. The fiscal analysis appended to the ballot measure predicted the state would rake in about $33 million in taxes in the first six months of 2014.

But according to the Department of Revenue study, the state brought in about $12 million in tax revenue from recreational pot sales through June.

300 by Kurtis Lee. MOVED

^Ex-prosecutor will be Toyota's independent safety monitor, U.S. says<

AUTO-TOYOTA-MONITOR:LA _ The Department of Justice appointed David Kelley, a former U.S. attorney, to serve as the independent safety monitor at U.S. operations of Toyota Motor Corp.

Kelley's position is part of the automaker's agreement reached with federal prosecutors in March that also included a $1.2 billion fine. The deal settled a four-year federal criminal investigation into whether Toyota properly reported safety complaints about sudden acceleration of its vehicles.

800 (with trims) by Jerry Hirsch. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED

^Guantanamo judge bows to prosecution, reinstates 5-man 9/11 trial<

GUANTANAMO-1ST-LEDE:MI _ The military judge in charge of the 9/11 terrorism trial bowed to a Pentagon prosecution protest Wednesday and agreed to go forward with a single, five-man, Sept. 11 death penalty tribunal.

The judge, Army Col. James L. Pohl, had separated alleged 9/11 plot deputy Ramzi Binalshibh, 42, on July 24 to have his own trial. He cited Binalshibh's unique conflict-of-interest and competency issues as slowing progress in the trial of alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and three other accused co-conspirators.

500 by Carol Rosenberg in Guantanamo Bay Navy Base, Cuba. MOVED


Also moving as:

GUANTANAMO:TBW _ 600 by Richard A. Serrano in Fort Meade, Md. MOVED

^ACLU reports consensual police search disparities<


The study, based on data collected by law enforcement, prompted the ACLU to renew a long-standing call to end consensual vehicle searches, saying that police agencies across the state had failed to deal effectively with the problem of racially biased searches.

What's more, the ACLU said, officers were more often than not coming up empty-handed during these consensual vehicle searches.

1250 (with trims) by Jeremy Gorner and Matthew Walberg in Chicago. MOVED

^Social media with a message<

MISSOURI-SHOOTING-SOCIALMEDIA:AT _ In the newfound arena of social media as activism, few hashtags have generated as much buzz as "IfTheyGunnedMeDown," which has been circulating around Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Still, the trending hashtag was several hours old before Alexis Nwaiwu, a 19-year-old sophomore at Georgia State University, decided to post.

It wasn't necessarily Michael Brown's photo that inspired her. Rather, it was a news image of Brown juxtaposed with that of James Holmes, the Colorado theater shooter, that enraged her.

Brown was shot and killed last weekend after an encounter with a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. His death has not only sparked unrest in Ferguson, to the point where President Barack Obama issued a statement, but social media has also exploded, picking up his cause.

1400 (with trims) by Ernie Suggs in Atlanta. MOVED

^Divided Penn State board: We'll keep complying with NCAA deal <


250 by Joseph N. DiStefano. (Moved as a sports story)

^Bacall's voice resonated with women<


Its owner, Lauren Bacall, wrapped it around words, controlling them, making them slightly dangerous, making them do her bidding, along with the men, and it was usually men, who were hanging on to each one.

But Bacall, who died Tuesday at the grand old age of 89, was so much more than the voice. And more than an actress, she was a symbol of the kind of woman that postwar 1950s-era housewives would dream of becoming _ and that the feminist movement would lionize. Intelligent, independent and, yes, a sexual being. But one in charge.

950 by Betsy Sharkey. (Moving as an entertainment story.) MOVED


^Detroit cleaning up from muddy flood mess<

DETROIT-FLOOD:DE _ After a second day of choked commutes, several major highways connecting metro Detroit were once again accommodating traffic Wednesday.

Crews were making progress draining roads and clearing debris after flooding that destroyed hundreds of cars, forcing many drivers to abandon vehicles on highways.

250 by Robert Allen in Detroit. MOVED

^Long Island rainfall is 200-year weather event, experts say<

LONG-ISLAND-FLOODS-1ST-LEDE:ND _ A historic weather event dumped double-digit amounts of rainfall across parts of Long Island early Wednesday, flooding everything from roadways to basements and delaying all modes of travel.

The epic rainfall _ the National Weather Service's Upton office said 13.27 inches poured down between 11 p.m. Tuesday and 10:30 a.m. Wednesday _ overwhelmed virtually every major roadway in Nassau and Suffolk counties at some point. The state Department of Transportation website listed more than a dozen flooded roadways, starting before 5 a.m. and lasting through the afternoon hours.

The Northeast Regional Climate Center said "rainfall of this magnitude is only expected to occur once in a 200-year period."

800 (with trims) by John Valenti, Patricia Kitchen and Gary Dymski in Melville, N.Y. MOVED


Also moving as:

LONG-ISLAND-FLOODS:LA _ 350 by Tina Susman in New York. MOVED

^Corinthian Colleges gets federal grand jury subpoena in California<

CMP-CORINTHIAN:LA _ Corinthian Colleges Inc., the beleaguered for-profit college firm, told investors Wednesday that it received a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles.

The broad subpoena requests documents and records on the Orange County company's job placement rates, graduation rates, marketing materials and student loan default rates.

300 by Chris Kirkham in Los Angeles. MOVED

^Student with gun at Atlanta high school in custody; no injuries<

ATLANTA-SCHOOL-GUN:AT _ A student was in custody Wednesday for allegedly having a gun on campus at Douglass High School in northwest Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, no one was injured.

150 by Rhonda Cook And John Spink in Atlanta. MOVED

^$100,000 steer shatters record at Illinois State Fair<


The record-breaker who sold for $100,000 is a 1,330-pound steer named Ted shown by 12-year-old Shaelye Varner, of Morris, Ill.

Shaelye, who raised Ted on her grandparents' farm, said she's happy she shattered what officials said was the record of $62,000 set last year.

300 by Dan Hinkel. MOVED

^Sailor to be punished for rape threat toward recruit on social media<

NAVY-RAPETHREAT:LA _ A sailor based in Washington state has been found guilty of threatening to rape a California naval recruit in a social media posting and will now face internal discipline, Navy officials told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

Nicholas Lord, a sailor aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz, stationed in Bremerton, Wash., was accused of making the lewd comments last month after the woman posted a picture of herself and said she was joining the Navy.

300 by James Queally. MOVED

^Ed Nelson, star of TV's 'Peyton Place' and Roger Corman movies, dies at 85<


He had been in declining health with various ailments, said a daughter-in-law, Asta Hansen.

400 . MOVED

^Former red light camera CEO indicted, federal probe expands<

CHICAGO-REDLIGHT-CAMERAS:TB _ The ex-CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems and the former head of Chicago's red light camera program were indicted Wednesday on conspiracy charges in an expansion of the federal investigation into an alleged $2 million bribery scheme.

1300 (with trims) by David Kidwell in Chicago. MOVED

^4-year-old mauled to death by family dog or dogs<

MIAMI-BOY-MAULED:MI _ Wednesday morning, after spending the night at his dad's South Miami-Dade home, 4-year-old Javon Dade Jr. wandered away, setting off a panicky search and a call to police.

Twenty minutes later, police made a gruesome discovery: Javon had been mauled to death by a dog, or dogs, in the backyard of the home, his body limp on the overgrown grass near a fence.

650 by Charles Rabin and Nicholas Nehamas in Miami. MOVED


^Study: Excess sodium intake linked to 1.65 million deaths annually<

MED-SODIUM:LA _ Across the world, the excessive consumption of sodium _ hiding in breads, soups and snack foods and beckoning from salt shakers everywhere _ is the cause of some 1.65 million deaths by heart disease and strokes yearly, including roughly 667,000 "premature" deaths _ those before the age of 70 _ says a comprehensive new study.

Globally, new research concludes that one in 10 cardiovascular deaths can be attributed to excessive sodium consumption, and one in five of those among people younger than 70.

The study was published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

950 (with trims) by Melissa Healy. MOVED


^Islamic State militants advance in northern Syria<

SYRIA:LA _ Militants with the Islamic State group seized control of several towns in Syria's northern Aleppo province early Wednesday, dealing a blow to rival rebel factions who were forced to withdraw from areas they took this year, according to fighters reached near the front line.

With the capture of the strategic town of Akhtarin and a few surrounding villages, fighters with the breakaway al-Qaida group have moved farther west and now threaten to cut off the rebels' main access highway to neighboring Turkey.

550 (with trims) by Raja Abdulrahim. MOVED


^Ukraine says Russian aid must be delivered by Red Cross<


Any form of humanitarian aid will be received "exclusively under international law and exclusively from the Red Cross," Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a cabinet meeting, according to local news agencies.

Earlier, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that the Russian convoy would not be let in to Ukraine's Kharkiv region.

400 by Nikolaus Von Twickel in Kiev. MOVED


Also moving as:

UKRAINE-RUSSIA:LA _ 550 by Carol J. Williams. MOVED


^Egypt's Mubarak defends rule in court, denies ordering deaths<

EGYPT-MUBARAK:LA _ Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, addressing a Cairo court at length for the first time since being driven from office in a popular uprising three and a half years ago, on Wednesday offered up a forceful defense of his nearly three-decade rule and denied he had ordered the killing of more than 800 protesters.

Speaking from a gurney inside the defendants' caged dock, the 86-year-old former leader appeared far more vigorous and healthy than in previous court appearances, during which he had sometimes seemed barely able to rouse himself to speak.

350 by Laura King and Amro Hassan in Cairo. MOVED

^Embarrassing video costs Mexican politician his job<

MEXICO-VIDEO:LA _ Yet another embarrassing video in Mexico has cost a major politician his job.

The head of Mexico's former ruling party, Gustavo Madero, on Wednesday fired Congressman Luis Villarreal from his position as leader of the group's delegation in the lower House of Deputies. Madero, of the conservative National Action Party, or PAN, which held the national presidency in 2000-2012, said in a statement he was "renewing" the House leadership.

Villarreal and several other PAN politicians were taped having quite a party in the coastal resort of Puerto Vallarta. There were many drinks and much dancing with, ahem, young-women-not-the-politicians'-wives.

350 by Tracy Wilkinson in Mexico City. MOVED

^Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash<

BRAZIL-CRASH-CORRECTION:LA _ Eduardo Campos, a candidate for president in Brazil's October elections, died Wednesday when a Cessna jet carrying him and his closest aides crashed in Santos, a port city in Sao Paulo state. He was 49.

Campos' wife, his five children and his vice presidential candidate, Marina Silva, had decided to take commercial flights and were not with him on the Cessna. The six other people on board the downed aircraft were feared dead.

400 by Belisa Figueiro in Sao Paulo and Chris Kraul in Bogota, Colombia. MOVED


^U.S. trade deal might loosen Europe's chemical safety rules <

TRADE-CHEMICALS:WA _ It has been difficult for American chemical companies to crack the European market because the safety standards there are tougher than they are in the U.S. But that might be changing.

950 (with trims) by John Moritz in Washington. MOVED

^Parents of missing journalist send a message to Syrian captors <


750 by Debra and Marc Tice.

Moving later

^Japan protests over Russia's military drills on disputed islands<


The drills on the islands of Etorofu and Kunashiri off the northern island of Hokkaido were "totally unacceptable," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters earlier in the day.

More than 1,000 troops, five attack helicopters and about 100 military vehicles were involved in the event, which runs from Tuesday to Saturday, broadcaster NHK said.

250 by Takehiko Kambayashi in Tokyo. MOVED


Also moving as:

JAPAN-RUSSIA:LA _ 300 by Carol J. Williams. MOVED

^Chinese couple abducted, home razed; case points to weak rule of law<

CHINA-DEMOLITION:LA _ If you don't know how to make a homemade cannon or master martial arts like Bruce Lee, if you don't have a foreigner as your spouse or have money to hire a professional guard, you might be out of luck if your home happens to stand in the way of a major development project in China.

Just ask Zhang Hongwei: You could get kidnapped from your house and return hours later to find a pile of rubble.

Forced demolitions have been a contentious issue in China for years, but Zhang's ordeal _ which made headlines nationwide this week _ was a fresh reminder that, despite much rhetoric by Chinese leaders on strengthening rule of law, it remains difficult to get grassroots-level officials to act accordingly.

950 (with trims) in Beijing. MOVED



NEWSBRIEFS:MCT _ Nation and world news briefs.




^King, eh? Should Norway abdicate its royalty?<

EUROPE-ROYALS:WA _ Norway's Crown Prince Haakon shocked and disappointed his nation this summer when he announced plans to take his youngest prince and princess out of public schools and send them to private ones in the coming school year.

In egalitarian Norway, the choice for the further education of 10-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra and 8-year-old Prince Sverre Magnus seemed a denunciation of the education of the rest of the children in this wealthy nation of only 5 million. But while a fuss over moving royals from classes with common children might seem a non-issue in the non-royal United States, it actually gets at a single question about much of the remaining royalty of Europe: Why?

1200 (with trims) by Matthew Schofield in Oslo, Norway. MOVED


^How a survivor of Cambodian genocide became a rural Georgia judge<

CAMBODIAN-JUDGE:AT _ One day this December, 42-year-old attorney Meng Lim will pack up his two kids and a freshly pressed black robe.

Sixty miles later, at the state Capitol, Lim will be sworn in as the first Cambodian-American of Chinese extraction ever to sit on a Superior Court bench in Georgia.

The election of a survivor of Cambodian genocide to an open seat in the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit in west Georgia _ a rural, two-county affair where Asian-Americans make up precisely .3 percent of the voting population _ is perhaps the most remarkable, yet untold story to come out of last month's runoff contests.

1100 (with trims) by Jim Galloway in Atlanta. MOVED




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