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Newsfeatures Budget for Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Newsfeatures Budget for Sunday, July 6, 2014

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^Iraq's Sunni insurgency waged by convenient bedfellows<

IRAQ-SUNNIS:LA _ The protests that sprouted last year in the Sunni Arab village of Karmah were a peaceful sort, tribal leader Laurence Hardan recalled, with residents "wearing dishdashas and carrying the Koran" in opposition to the Shiite Muslim-led Iraqi government.

It is a very different scene in Karmah now, Hardan said. Under siege by Iraqi security forces, the village is guarded all around by a latticework of Sunni militias _ tribal fighters, neo-Baathists, ex-army officers and militants with the powerful al-Qaida offshoot, the Islamic State.

As anger at Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government has deepened, the armed Sunni opposition has grown more diverse and unified than Iraqi and U.S. officials often acknowledge.

1200 (with trims) by Shashank Bengali in Baghdad. MOVED

^What's a caliphate? News puts focus on ancient form of government<


But what is a caliphate? And what is the self-described Islamic State hoping to achieve with its declaration?

The answers, experts say, have more to do with the Sunni militant group's rivalry with al-Qaida than with any plan to replicate the last caliphate, which was abolished in 1924 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

950 by Lindsay Wise in Washington. MOVED



^A tree's cinematic fame continues to grow in East L.A.<

TREE:LA _ After traveling to Los Angeles from a small town in Hungary, Richard Hellenbort could have shadowed the Brentwood Country Mart, the Chateau Marmont or the Ivy hoping to catch a glimpse of stars such as Kobe, Brad or Angelina.

But the celebrity he was looking for was a tall, dark and scruffy one named Araucaria bidwillii, whose last (and only) role was more than 20 years ago in "Blood In Blood Out," a cult movie about gangs and family and betrayal on the Eastside. Luckily, this star never gets around town: Hellenbort found the Australian conifer where it always is: up the hill from a carnitas shop in East Los Angeles.

1450 (with trims) by Hector Becerra in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Researchers show how early stress hurts brain development<

MED-STRESS-BRAIN:MW _ A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has shown that chronic stress of poverty, neglect and physical abuse in early life may shrink the parts of a child's developing brain responsible for memory, learning and processing emotion.

While early-life stress already has been linked to depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancer and a lack of educational and employment success, researchers have long been seeking to understand what part of the brain is affected by stress to help guide interventions.

The UW research recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry adds to a growing body of research linking chronic stress early in life to brain development. The research focused on two brain regions _ the hippocampus and amygdala _ that are involved in memory, learning and processing emotion.

600 by Karen Herzog in Milwaukee. MOVED

^Is urban sprawl in Texas swatting out bumblebees?<

EVN-BUMBLEBEES-SPRAWL:FT _ This summer 32-year-old Jessica Beckham will find herself on the side of the highway, just as the summer before, doing what many would run from.

She'll go searching for different species of bumblebees with her 2-year-old-son in tow.

Beckham, an environmental science doctoral student at the University of North Texas, wants to know how Texans can counteract the effect that urban sprawl has had on bumblebees.

650 by Monica S. Nagy in Denton, Texas. MOVED



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