Beaux Arts Society selects 21 girls for 67th annual ball

The young women will be presented in a formal ceremony in keeping with the time-honored traditions of the Beaux Arts Society.
BY PEGGY GANDY Published: June 3, 2012

Escorts, their schools and parents are William James Burger, University of Oklahoma, Carleen and Jerry Burger; Lachlan Christopher Claus, University of Oklahoma, Laurie Claus and Russell Claus; Robert McCampbell Clements, Southern Methodist University, Sody and Robert Clements; Edward Bryant Clements, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Matilda and Edward Clements; Jake Bowman Delaney, Boston University, Karen and Peter Delaney; Alexander Neville Dudley, Texas Christian University, Debi and Chip Dudley; Patrick Robert Duncan, Colorado State University, Peggy and Nick Duncan; Boone Jenkins Ellis II, University of Oklahoma, Sandy Ellis and Linda and Boone Jenkins Ellis; Marshall Paul Foltz, American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Wendi and Dan Foltz; Samuel Robert Hoffman, University of Oklahoma, Liz and Kent Hoffman; Bennett Simcox Hudson, The College of Wooster, Leslie and Cliff Hudson; Austin Walker Katigan, Dartmouth College, Carrie and Steve Katigan; Wilson Hixon Kerr, University of Oklahoma, Beth and Steve Kerr; Graham Bennett Lewallen, Southern Methodist University, Jamie and Joe Lewallen; Maxwell Kent Meyers, Southern Methodist University, Debi and Chris Meyers; Jacob Cowan Price, Southern Methodist University, Dana and Matt Price; John Bradford Ratliff, Vanderbilt University, Laura and Reeder Ratliff; Matthew Albert Riesen, Texas Christian University, Cindy and Tom Riesen; Ryan Fisher Shelley, Texas Christian University, Laurie and Steve Shelley; Samuel Reginald Stringer, University of Oklahoma, Theresa Stringer and Martin Stringer; Bentley Cameron Williams, University of Oklahoma, Vicki and Fletcher Williams; and Stephen Young, Bentley University, Leslie Longworth Young and Laura and Lee Young.

Mindy Brown is ball chairman and Leslie Russell is co-chairman.