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Berry Tramel chat: Previewing Thunder-Spurs Game 1

Berry Tramel answered your questions live from San Antonio on the Power Lunch chat sponsored by H&H Shooting Sports. Here's the full transcript:
by Berry Tramel Modified: May 19, 2014 at 9:52 am •  Published: May 19, 2014
But that lineup was excellent for like 17 straight minutes. Like I said earlier, Collison's passing is a big part of that. The Thunder offense usually runs well with Collison in the game. It's the defense you have to worry about, and Collison did a great job in Game 6 against Blake Griffin.
Me 11:18 a.m. Does Adams perceived progression make this Thunder team look pretty formidable the next 25 months? (Not throwing in the towl on this season just projecting)
Berry Tramel 11:19 a.m. Absotively. Posilutely. Adams is a huge part of the Thunder's bright future. Looks like OKC has its center of the future.
Brian 11:19 a.m. How likely or unlikely is it that Derek Fisher will be the next head coach of the Knicks?
Berry Tramel 11:19 a.m. Sounds more and more likely to me. Some think the Knickerbockers could be waiting on the Thunder season to end, so they can tlak to Fish. Maybe so.
cowboyorgange 11:19 a.m. Bigger NFL bust Blackmon or Woods? both first round draft picks
Berry Tramel 11:21 a.m. Well, Woods didn't do much, while Blackmon had some moments when he was on the field. On the other hand, Blackmon went a lot higher than Woods, who was at the back end of the first round. Blackmon went fifth overall. So I might say Blackmon was the bigger bust.
Guest 11:21 a.m. I watched some over one of last years picks named Alex Abrines. He looks pretty good. Any ideas on what the thunder could do with him?
Berry Tramel 11:21 a.m. My Thunder guys tell me Abrines is still aways away. Very young. But a good prospect.
Micah 11:21 a.m. Will Adams get over 35 min a game if he stays out of foul trouble?
Berry Tramel 11:22 a.m. I'm going to say yes. Now, not much more. But 36 minutes a game? Yes. However, I don't know if Adams can stay out of foul trouble. It's somewhat easy to avoid fouls on DeAndre Jordan, if you want to. Not so much if you're on Tim Duncan.
Guest 11:22 a.m. If Reggie was to move into the starting lineup next year, the Thunder will definitely need another point guard.
Berry Tramel 11:23 a.m. Yes, that's true. Need one anyway, with Fisher retiring. Maybe the Thunder could draft a third point guard.
JROD 11:23 a.m. I think the strong play of Adams lately is some consolation to Thunder fans after losing Ibaka, as I think he's a great athletic rim protector in his own right, although noone can replace Serge, obviously. I just worry about him on Duncan. Duncan is surely gonna get a ton of HOF calls going his way against the rookie. I think Adams and foul trouble is going to be an issue.
Berry Tramel 11:24 a.m. You're probably right. Which is why Perkins will still be important in this series.
Aaron 11:24 a.m. Why do you think the Spurs are so hesitant about believing Serge is really hurt? I get that sometimes teams will wait to release injuries to get some sort of advantage over what a team can prepare for, but would the Thunder really got to such great lengths, having a release from Sam Presti, just to mess with them? Seems weird.
Berry Tramel 11:25 a.m. That's just Popovich playing mind games. He doesn't have the injured guy, so he can't play mind games. He has to do it with the other guy's injured player.
Guest 11:25 a.m. It sounds like there may be a Shawn Marion 2.0 with a better shot in the draft in Aaron Gorden. It would appear that he is going to in the latter part of the top 10. What would the Thunder need to offer to trade up to get him?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. I have no idea. I have paid no attention to the draft. When the thunder season is over, then I'll start looking at it.
Brant 11:26 a.m. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of Jones starting. I think he can replace some of the shot blocking and keep the rotation otherwise the same. Any chance Jones can limit Splitter at all?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. I would say the key would be keepiing Splitter off the boards. Splitter is a pretty good offensive rebounder.
Guest 11:27 a.m. Another year another round of speculation on a star player on the move. This summer it appears will be the "Summer of Love." Everybody is lining up and making offers. Where do you think Kevin Love will end up?
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. Los Angeles. The goofball Timberwolves didn't want to give him a five-year contract, so now they're paying the price. Idiots.
Duff 11:27 a.m. With the way Adams has played this POST season, what do you think they will do with Perkins? If Fisher leave and they say bye to Perkins and Thabo they would have about 10M.
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. And would need a backup center who could play 20 minutes a game against good big men. I think the Thunder will keep Perk. They have to pay him anyway. Might as well pay him to continue to mentor Adams and play good minutes.
Joel 11:28 a.m. Berry, I don't get the 'possibility of re-injury is high' from the Thunder, since this isn't a serious injury. Shouldn't they at least try and bring him back and, if he reinjures, they are no worse off...right?
Matt 11:32 a.m. Is there any possibility the Thunder front office is simply saying Ibaka is out for the rest of the postseason to avoid it being a constant distraction, like the Derrick Rose situation (everyone constantly asking when he'll play), for the team? We saw something similar with Russ starting out the year injured and said to be out for weeks, but back within a few games.
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. No. I wouldn't say so. I think he could injure it much worse. Tear a muscle or something. The Thunder knows what it's doing. It wants to take care of these guys. No doubt about it.
sam 11:33 a.m. Have the Thunder made any roster changes for this series?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. No. I assume Roberson will dress out.
Dooby 11:33 a.m. Do you think Blake Griffin hates his hometown now since we always boo him?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. No. I think he's no big Thunder fan, though.
Brant 11:33 a.m. Westbrook and Durant have been inconsistent during the playoffs. Brooks has both made genius moves and failed to make any move. The only consistency has been the Thunder's ability to find a way to win. Is this the season that they somehow defy the odds and win the championship?
Berry Tramel 11:35 a.m. Westbrook has been inconsistent? He's been fantastic. If you're saying that Westbrook hasn't scored 30 and shot 55 percent every game, then OK. But Westbrook has been superb. And aside from the Tony Allen factor, same deal with Durant. But you're right. The Thunder has found ways to win.
Tony 11:35 a.m. What are the chances that Joe Mixon win new comer of the year???
Berry Tramel 11:37 a.m. I assume he's got a chance. Why not?
Husker John 11:37 a.m. What do Danny Green, Patrick Beverly, and Taj Gibson all have in common? Sam Presti passed on all three players when he picked Bryon
Berry Tramel 11:38 a.m. Here's what's so ridiculous about that kind of draft talk. Every team passes over all kinds of prospects who pan out. The teams that drafted those guys passed over Serge Ibaka and Reggie Jackson. So what's the point?
Phil 11:38 a.m. Would starting Butler at the 3 and Durant at the 4 be a good move or bad move for Brooks?
Berry Tramel 11:38 a.m. I don't mind going small. I would start Perry Jones instead of Butler, but going small definitely is a key for the Thunder.
Redneck Joe 11:39 a.m. Could Adams meet with the officials before the game and tell them he is not a ROOKIE anymore after taking Randolph best punch and not flooping to the floor?
Berry Tramel 11:40 a.m. I think that would risk Adams losing his greatest trait. He seems oblivious to it all, and the refs already seem to be giving him more respect. Hopefully foul trouble won't be a big deal.
Me 11:40 a.m. Do you think Caron signs back up with the Thunder this offseason or will they try Lambo 2.0 for the 2014-2015 season?
Berry Tramel 11:41 a.m. It's a good question. I think it's probably unlikely that Butler resigns, but he might. I think Lamb will definitely play a big role. I don't know if Lamb's defense will improve enough for him to challenge for a starting job, but I should have listed him as a possibility.
harry man 11:41 a.m. i would love to see spurs vs. pacers in the finals. hm
Guest 11:41 a.m. Are the Thunder going to be tax payers next year?
Berry Tramel 11:41 a.m. Yes, I think so.
Mike 11:41 a.m. Who wins the big 12 baseball tournament? Will OU make a NCAA regional?
Berry Tramel 11:42 a.m. No chance for the sooners, unless they win the Big 12 tournament. Who knows who will win the tournament?
Guest 11:42 a.m. Why do people continuously praise Chris Paul and criticize Russ Westbrook when one is going to his third conference finals in four years and has been to the NBA Finals, while the other has never made it out of round 2?
Berry Tramel 11:43 a.m. Part of it is style of play. CP3 is a traditional point guard. Westbrook is not. And part of it is Westbrook plays with Kevin Durant. Paul is playing with a great roster now, but he didn't in New Orleans.
Me 11:43 a.m. Best Thunder fan Jay-Z or the Biebs?
Jay 11:43 a.m. I dont really understand why Sam Presti said anything about the injury at all to be honest. The verbiage that was used was the Ibake was not likely to return this post season. That does not suggest that it is definite that he is out. Why wouldn't they just list him as day to day?
Berry Tramel 11:44 a.m. I think one of the previous questions dealt with this. Get rid of all speculation. Go on about the business. And if Ibaka gets a chance to return for the finals, great.
Mike 11:44 a.m. Do you think we will have to sit through another poor start from the Thunder where they stand around on the perimeter and shoot a bunch of threes? The team is at its best when they push the pace and attack the paint first.
Berry Tramel 11:45 a.m. Sometimes they start well, sometimes they don't. And I haven't noticed that the poor start is attributed to too many 3-pointers. In fact, offensive stagnation seems to be a late game problem, not an early game problem.
Joe 11:45 a.m. Chances either Kevin Love or Mike Miller end up with the Thunder?
Berry Tramel 11:46 a.m. Love, no chance that I can think of. Miller, hadn't even thought about it. Every year that goes by, his skills diminish more and more. He still can shoot, but he wasn't much of a factor in the Thunder series. Miller will be a free agent. He only signed with Memphis for one year.
Mike 11:46 a.m. Who do you think right now will win the NBA championship?
Berry Tramel 11:47 a.m. I'd say the best money is still Miami. But none of the four teams have more than a 30 percent chance.
Berry Tramel 11:47 a.m. OK, super. Great questions. Talk to you in a few days.
by Berry Tramel
Berry Tramel, a lifelong Oklahoman, sports fan and newspaper reader, joined The Oklahoman in 1991 and has served as beat writer, assistant sports editor, sports editor and columnist. Tramel grew up reading four daily newspapers — The Oklahoman,...
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