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Berry Tramel: Longhorn Network puts Texas off limits to other conferences

by Berry Tramel Modified: August 3, 2011 at 9:02 am •  Published: August 3, 2011

/> I know football rows the aircraft carrier, but you can’t put basketball and baseball and softball into a scheduling sinkhole.

Sure, some mid-major conference would take UT as a non-football member.

But the Longhorns don’t pay Rick Barnes $2.4 million a year to beat Rice. Don’t pay Augie Garrido almost $1 million a year to sweep a baseball series from Colorado State.

The Longhorns take pride in their department-wide success, and they should. Texas is good at most everything, and major-conference affiliation is primary to that mission.

So DeLoss Dodds isn’t just blustering when talking about commitment to the Big 12. The Texas athletic director is absolutely committed to the Big 12. The ’Horns need the Big 12 as much as the Big 12 needs the ’Horns.

That’s why standing up to Texas is solid strategy. The ’Horns will back down, if necessary.

To its credit, Texas doesn’t practice espionage. The ’Horns aren’t devious. You know where they stand.

You can’t blame the Bevos for milking its network for all its worth. Use all ambiguity to your advantage. Texas will push and push and push. That’s why you have to push back.

The ’Horns can be insufferable at times. OK, most of the time. Nobody knows better than us Oklahomans how insufferable Texas can be.

But the way you deal with the Longhorns is to beat them on the football field and stand up to them in the boardroom, if you’re in the right.

The other nine Big 12 schools were on the side of the angels Monday in Dallas. High school games don’t belong on the Longhorn Network. Truth is, high school games don’t belong on any network. What has society come to?

Oh well, back to Texas. This is how it’s supposed to work. Agree to the parameters, and when there’s confusion, get together and figure it out.

This is how it’s supposed to work.

The idea that Texas runs the Big 12 is without merit. The Big 12 needs Texas. Has to have Texas. Can’t live without Texas.

But Texas needs the Big 12. Stand up to the Longhorns, and the Longhorns will stand down.

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