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Berry Tramel: Power Lunch Chat transcript, July 27, 2012

Berry Tramel answered questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Participate in our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. at
by Berry Tramel Modified: July 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm •  Published: July 27, 2012

Hey everybody, I'm here and ready to chat. Let's get started.

I have a question about WVU. I'm sorry I'm sure you have heard enough about the newcomers. But that game with OU scares the hell out of me. I know it's in our own backyard but we did struggle a lot with our offense. And what scares the most is we have never faced an offense or defense as far as that matters as this OU team brings in. With the tempo OU runs, with Jones in there its got to be scary for anyone in the Big 12. Predictions on the final score?

I like West Virginia's chances. By November 17, WVU will be accustomed to Big 12 play. OU isn't the only team that plays up-tempo.

Any chances of Mizzou winning the SEC East? Where do you predict them to finish?

I don't think MU will win, but they could. Missouri will do well in the SEC this first year. The east is pretty down.

Obviously OU needs him. And he's so talented. But Kenny Stills isn't a guy I'd take on my team. Constantly talking about his "Cali swag" he just needs to play. He talks a lot of mess and he is NFL material. But to me he's not worth it.

Well, I don't see a question in there, but I think he's mostly harmless. He is a little bit too silly for my taste, but he is a good receiver, and at times, a great receiver. The Sooners are clearly better off with him.

Your column was spot on. I remember how awesome it was when the Thunder got one national TV appearance instead of none.

Yeah, the schedule sure is fun for the Thunder these days. Think about it: 25 of 82 games are nationally televised. That's 30%. There's a lot of respect for OKC.

Boy oh boy. NBA sched is out. and the second place Thunder is alive and well on TV ... what ya think about the sched and TV appearances?

January is awfully tough. Eleven road games.

I know the Thunder have already filled out their roster. But could they go after Mickael Pietrus? He's a guy who could help guard LeBron. Right now the thunder do not have anyone capable of even bothering LeBron. Pietrus has guarded him throughout his career. Obviously he won't shut him down. But he can at least make things more difficult

I like Pietrus, but there's just not a spot for him. The Thunder have cap considerations that would prohibit that as well. You're right, he's a good fit for the Thunder, the kind of player that OKC could use, but I don't see how the Thunder could go after him.

Is it true Lacoltan Bester got cleared for OU fall practice academically? Could he help out in the receiving core?

That's what our man Jason Kersey is reporting. And Bester's junior college is saying he's eligible. So we'll see. I don't think OU would bring in a juco guy that they didn't think was capable of contributing.

College football season is almost here. All those OU/OSU fans are fired up. Give me your top 4 teams in college football please. And who wins the Big 12? Harry man says WVU a winner of the Big 12.

I predicted West Virginia too. Just because they've got the Sooners in Morgantown. USC, LSU, Wisconsin, and I don't know who the fourth is.

Who do you favor in OSU vs Texas?

OSU. I think OSU is going to be better, plus the game is in Stillwater.

Berry, you going to watch the opening ceremony tonight? And what is your gold medal winner in swimming and mens hoops?

I'll take the U.S. in mens hoops. I have no idea in swimming. I'll watch the opening ceremonies if my wife wants to, otherwise I'll probably pass.

Each of the Batman movies has been better than the previous one. There's not another movie franchise that you can say that about. In fact, No. 3 in the series is usually bad -- Superman 3, Jaws 3, Spider-Man 3, Halloween 3. Compared to Batman, Rocky is a punk.

I saw Batman 3, and it was ok, but I wanted a lot more Batman. I'll bet he wasn't on the screen 20% of the movie.

It seems that the Penn State people still don't get it. Franco Harris and Todd Blackledge are still defending Paterno and acting like he did nothing wrong. They feel more sorry for Penn State as a victim than the actual victims whose lives have been ruined. And now the board is fighting the NCAA saying the president didn't have the authority to accept those terms. They seem to be fighting harder for victims when the victim is Penn State. Maybe the NCAA should have shut that program down for four years and maybe these yahoos will get it, though that is doubtful.

Blackledge and Franco, they're not credible witnesses. I understand why they're saying what they're saying, but they're not credible. As for Penn State's brass, they're just playing politics. Trying to look tough after the fact. Sort of like Howard Schultz in Seattle, after he sold the Sonics.

This Hollis Thompson kid seems to be a heck of shooter and he has the height and length to back up KD. If he plays reasonably well any chances that Daequan might be moved before the trading deadline?

I don't see how Hollis Thompson ever sees the light of day. Perry Jones will play long before Hollis Thompson.

Between Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, OSU, and K-State - which program is most likely to consistently join KU on the bottom of the standings every year?

Baylor. But I don't think the Bears necessarily will. They're just most likely. Iowa State is actually the answer, but you didn't list I-State.

Is Kirilenko worth $10 million a year? He is a nice player but that seems an awful steep price for Minny. Though I guess you do have to consider their GM.

I like Kirilenko. I think he's a wonderful player. Great defender, good rebounder, good passer. The kind of guy who helps you win. As for $10 million, who knows? Depends on the situation.

Berry - Will Kruger get the Sooners back to the dance this year? What are your thoughts on the 2012-13 squad? Thanks.

I think OU will be borderline NCAA Tournament this coming season. Bubble team. Should be at least interesting.

What are your thoughts on Landry Jones? My take is that he's a heck of a QB who got stuck in Sam Bradford's shadow.

Pretty much agree. I think he's a heck of a quarterback who has some limitations but who has had to play around some limitations. When he had Whaley and Broyles last year, Landry played pretty darn good. He's no Bradford, but Landry remains an excellent QB.

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