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Berry Tramel: Power Lunch Chat transcript, October 23, 2012

Oklahoman Modified: October 23, 2012 at 2:55 pm •  Published: October 23, 2012

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. You can join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on Here's a transcript of today's chat:

With all due respect, it looks like you were wrong about West Virginia.

With all due respect, predictions are much more difficult to make when you make them before the fact rather than after.

If OU beats Notre Dame big time, how does this look for OU in respect to a national championship?

Oh, it will be good. It will help. But the Sooners have to climb over Kansas State. And then there's Oregon. But you could argue that OU is in reality No. 4. No. 1 SEC (I don't think two SEC teams make the Big Bowl). No. 2 KSU. No. 3 Oregon. So the Sooners really have to jump just two teams.

How many games does K-State have to lose before OU can pass them up in the BCS standings? Or the Big 12 for that matter?

I think OU will pass KSU in the BCS if KSU loses one game. That's probably not fair. It's a flaw in the system, which remains opinion-based. But if KSU stumbles, and OU beats Notre Dame, the Sooners probably jump.

Do you think Oregon will lose?

I think there's a chance Oregon loses at Southern Cal. Heck, the Ducks also play Oregon State, which will be an upset alert.

I have not been excited about an OU game more than this one in quite some time ... Are you getting the same vibe in Oklahoma?

Absolutely. It's a huge showdown for this season, a historic matchup, great for history and all those things. Super, super environment.

What’s the key to OU winning against Notre Dame? (Besides having more points, of course.)

Well, turnovers are huge. If OU doesn't commit more turnovers, it's going to be hard for the Irish to win. If the Sooners don't commit turnovers, the Irish will be hard-pressed to score much.

How healthy are the Sooners? What about any Notre Dame?

Can't say about Notre Dame. Haven't kept up. But OU, I think they're probably in better shape than at any point in the season, with McGee back. The O-line looks solid. So it's looking good, health-wise, for the Sooners.

Your score prediction for OU/Notre Dame?

Sooners by 12-15. I haven't settled on a final score.

How much do you think Stacy McGee will contribute against Notre Dame?

Quite a bit. OU has been using McFarland and Walker almost exclusively, so the Sooners need some relief there. McGee will give those guys some breathers.

What are Notre Dame's strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths? Defensive front seven. The Irish are really good. Weaknesses? The Irish can't throw much. It's sort of an old-fashioned offense. Old-Fashioned in a bad way.

Is Wes Lunt healthy yet? How will the loss of J.W. Walsh affect the Cowboys?

Our guys think Wes Lunt will play. Of course, they thought Wes Lunt would play last week. I think maybe if Lunt wasn't healthy, Walsh might try to gut it out.

With ESPN being in Norman for GameDay, will you speak with any of the commentators, i.e., Kirk, Desmond, etc.?

No. Not me. Maybe someone from my paper will. But I won't. Don't see the need.

This will probably be the most physical front outside of the K-State game. Does Landry try to air it out?

I don't think so. I think OU will pick its spots, but the Sooners don't want to throw 50-60 times. They don't want that Notre Dame pass rush to peel back. I think OU will try to run the ball.

Landry has been playing so well these last three games. Do you see him possibly slipping back to his old ways at some point?

Oh sure. He'll have a bad game somewhere. He's not Sam Bradford, case anyone hasn't noticed. But there's no great reason to believe it will happen vs. Notre Dame.

Can Notre Dame score on OU's defense?

Not easily, the Irish can't. Notre Dame has lit up only Miami, which is a kooky team. Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, BYU, Stanford, all played close-to-the-vest games. I don't see how Notre Dame could score into the 20s on OU without quite a bit of help.

Do you feel OU has one of the best receiving corps in the country?

No. Not near as good as West Virginia. The OU receivers are solid. But not spectacular. I think the OU run game is the untold story of this team. Averaging about 7 yards a carry from the tailbacks.

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