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Berry Tramel: Power Lunch Chat transcript, September 27, 2012

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat covering OU, OSU, the Thunder and the NFL. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday on
Berry Tramel, Staff Writer, Modified: September 27, 2012 at 11:14 am •  Published: September 27, 2012

How much of a chance do the Sooners have to make it to the national championship game if they finish out the season with one loss and win the Big 12? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Mostly wishful thinking. The problem with OU is not how it would fare in the polls. The problem is how it's playing. When you play as poorly as the Sooners have, you have to worry about just getting better and winning in Lubbock, not winning the popularity game.

Who’s your favorite NFL team?

I don't have a favorite NFL team. It's sort of interesting. I just like certain teams in certain situations. I just love the game. Love watching. It really is like watching a movie to me. I'm rarely pulling for someone. Just watching to see what happens. Oh, sometimes I have a favorite. I like Green Bay most of the time. I like the Giants. I like whoever is  playing New England. I like to see the Steelers lose just so Traber won't yap about them so much.

Let’s say there’s a 1-loss PAC 12 team, an undefeated FSU team, and a 1-loss Oklahoma team. Who gets to the title game?

FSU vs. someone from the SEC. The SEC will not be without a title game participant. You can mark that down.

Your thoughts on Landry Jones' NFL career?

I assume it won't be great. His draft stock is falling, but he'll still get drafted relatively high. Maybe first round. But once there, most young QBs fail. And guys who don't protect the ball fail even more quickly.

How far do you think Dallas will go this season?

I like the Cowboys. I think Dallas has the second-best win of the NFL season. Arizona at New England is No. 1, but Dallas at the Giants is No. 2. I think the Cowboys will reach the playoffs, then we'll see.

Should the NFL overturn the Packers/Seattle game?

I'm going to say no. As big of a rip job as it was, that's a can of worms I don't think you can open. That pains me, because I like the Pack and it was a horrible call, but I'd vote no.

Longhorns or Cowboys this weekend?

Texas. I would have picked OSU had Lunt been healthy, but I think the OSU running game will be severely tested to produce without a stretch-pass threat.

Hypothetically speaking: Perkins gets amnesty next year. Who do you see as the replacement as the starting center?

Someone off the scrap heap. That's why I don't know if you amnesty Perkins. Sure, it's great 70 games a year and most playoff series. Then you play the Lakers and you've got no chance. Perk is like a left-handed reliever. Sure, you don't need him most of the time. But when you need him, you've got to have him.

How do you rate Tom Wort as a middle linebacker overall as a college player?

Mediocre. He's not terrible, but he doesn't make a ton of plays. I don't know if I buy all this "gap" stuff. I'm sure there's some truth to the idea that Mike Stoops' defense sets up the safeties, not the linebackers. But still.

What is the latest information regarding OK State's partnership with Fox Sports to carry sports on its various outlets?

I was told something should be worked out soon. OSU should sign up with Fox. But OSU always seems to lag behind in media-rights stuff. Sort of reactive rather than proactive. So I think it will be the last nail for Fox. But hopefully within a few weeks.

In your opinion, which assistant coach for OU is the most expendable, if any?

Well, expendable is the wrong word. You need them all. But the weak link, I'd say, is Bruce Kittle. He's completely unproven as a coach. Virtually no experience as a college coach, and he gets a full-time staff gig. Seemed awfully good-ol-boyish to me.

Any word on when the OSU game at Kansas will kick off?

No, no word, but that's got 11 a.m. written all over it. With FX having an 11 a.m. window, and Fox Sports having an 11 a.m., a bunch of rumdum games are going to FSN at 11 a.m.

Which two teams have the best shot at making the Super Bowl?

I'd say San Francisco and Houston, since they appear to be the two best teams. But the NFC is full of contenders. Atlanta, New York, Dallas, even Philly, Green Bay.

Eventually, who does the Thunder let go at backup PG?

Well, Maynor can stay if he'll sign for a pittance. $3-4 million. He can make a lot more elsewhere. Go be the point guard in Detroit or Milwaukee or somewhere. He'll make $6-7M but fall off the face of the Earth. If Maynor goes, Reggie Jackson would be the heir apparent.

What's the weather like there today? Crappy here in Missouri.

Rainy here, too, although I would call that glorious, not crappy.

I'd like to ask you to compare the officiating in the NFL up to this point with the officiating at the OSU-Arizona game ... but I said I wouldn't go there anymore. So, instead, what do you think the implications to recruiting would be if OSU were to beat Texas for the 3rd year in a row?

The replacement refs had no clue. I don't think they were unethical or anything. I think the Pac-12 crew had a burr up its butt about OSU. Anytime you beat Texas, it helps in recruiting. Winning three straight from the 'Horns would really lift the Cowboys this particular season, so that's always good.

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