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Berry Tramel: Russell Westbrook might be back next week

by Berry Tramel Modified: January 16, 2014 at 9:33 am •  Published: January 16, 2014

Join sports columnist Berry Tramel chatted with readers Thursday during a Power Lunch Chat. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat.

NewsOK 10:09 a.m. Hey everyone. Berry will be logging in at 11 a.m., but you can start submitting your questions now.
Berry Tramel 11:05 a.m. Hey, everybody, I'm up and running. So let's get started.
RCTexas 11:06 a.m. Now that we know OSU coach Wickline left for a promotion to Offensive Coordinator at Texas, I see no controversy in the move. Some media were speculating on staff unrest. What do you think?
Berry Tramel 11:06 a.m. I certainly don't blame Wickline for leaving to be O-coordinator at Texas. I'm trying to find out exactly what all went on, but he definitely got an upgrade.
OSUAlum 11:06 a.m. Do you think JW Walsh is the odd man out in the OSU QB competition? I think Gundy wants desperately to return to the true Air Raid offense with a QB that understands it and can sling the ball down the field for three hours. OSU has a ton of talented receivers who need someone to get the ball to them. Would JW transfer to a read-option school?
Berry Tramel 11:07 a.m. I have no idea if JW will transfer, but I can't blame Gundy for looking to go back to the Air Raid. That's certainly where OSU had the most success. Walsh might hang around. Heck, he might start the season as the quarterback, who knows?
RCTexas 11:07 a.m. I hope current OSU OC Yurcich is watching a lot of film of the Holgerson year at OSU to learn how to call plays in the true Air Raid offense. Do you think there is any chance Gundy will release him after the recruiting season is over?
Berry Tramel 11:08 a.m. I suppose anything's possible. But we don't know how comfortable Yurcich is with the Air Raid, because he really didn't have a quarterback to run it. If OSU was all bent on the Air Raid, it should have handed the ball to Wes Lunt. I don't really understand why he was shunted aside.
w 11:08 a.m. if thunder lose let say 8 games in a row with no RW, would brooks change his lineup or would he expect different results with the same starters?
Berry Tramel 11:10 a.m. That's a do-you-still-beat-your-wife question. Aaron Rodgers goes out, the Packers stumble, and I guess Green Bay fans wanted McCarthy to switch out the linebackers. The starting lineup is among the most irrelevant points ever. Minutes played is much more important, and Brooks can do a couple of things. Mostly, give Fisher fewer minutes. That's where I would start. But I don't think that would impact losing/winning much at all.
Richard NYC 11:10 a.m. Besides being younger, is Charlie Strong an improvement over Mack Brown?
Berry Tramel 11:11 a.m. We'll see. Mack was a heck of a coach for a long time. An excellent recruiter. But the wheel fell off in the last four years. I assume Strong will be somewhere between Mack at his lowest and Mack at his highest.
Rick 11:11 a.m. What are the keys to Saturday's KU/OSU game? Prediction? I think KU is hungry and playing well and will cartwheel all over OSU.
Berry Tramel 11:12 a.m. Hunger has zero to do with it. Kansas is big and athletic. OSU is small and athletic. That's a problem for OSU. Kansas will get more rebounds than the Cowboys not because of desire, but because the Jayhawk arms are about five inches higher up in the air. That's the key for OSU. Somehow negate KU's advantage inside.
Guest 11:12 a.m. Have you heard anything on when Westbrook might be back? We need him
Berry Tramel 11:12 a.m. I think he'll be back next week. Seriously. I say he plays before Jan. 27.
Brian 11:12 a.m. Why do you think Joe Wickline left OK State? How big of a blow will his departure be to OK State? He was one of the best OL coaches in college football.
Berry Tramel 11:13 a.m. Oh, I think his loss will hurt. I think Wickline left because he has a strong relationship with Charlie Strong from Florida days and it looks like he'll be offensive coordinator. That's a solid promotion.
cowboy orange 11:13 a.m. why did no one in the press report that the osu coach Wickline was calling the plays up here in Stillwater instead of the OC Jurich? seems like Jurich is way above his head.
Berry Tramel 11:14 a.m. Jurich was running the athletic department at Louisville and eventually hired Bobby Petrino to coach Louisville. That job was open because Charlie Strong went to Texas and eventually hired Wickline to be his coordinator, it looks like. Hope this clears that up.
cowboy orange 11:14 a.m. lots and lots of empties last night in GIA, I would say less than half full. looks like the renovation and adding of seats was a complete mistake, what say you?
Berry Tramel 11:14 a.m. Gallagher-Iba was built too big. No doubt about it. Around 10,000 would have been perfect. Not 13,681 or whatever it is. Mike Holder has admitted that.
Thunder Dreamer 11:15 a.m. Let's dream for a moment. The Thunder roster is injury free, including Westbrook, and money is not a concern. If the Thunder could add one current NBA player who could most complete this team (not necessarily the best player, but best for team chemistry, filling a void, etc.) and give them the best possible chance to win an NBA title this year who would that player be?
Berry Tramel 11:15 a.m. Well, I'd take Marc Gasol, since we're dreaming. But money is a concern. That's like saying, if height was not a concern. Or if dribbling was not a concern.
Eli 11:16 a.m. Why would the Thunder re-sign Royal Ivey instead of going after a proving veteran lime Andre Miller? I understand the issue of cap space, but for the past couple of years our two weakest positions have been the center position(Perkins) and the shooting guard position(Sefolosha). What can the Thunder do to improve those positions and add depth just in case a star player goes down? I just think its ridiculous for us to be 5-5 without Westbrook and counting with our roster. Ibaka takes less shots when Westbrook isn't playing
Berry Tramel 11:17 a.m. 5-5 without a superstar is not terrible. The NBA is a star-driven league. Build around a superstar(s), lose one and this is what happens. Andre Miller is apparently a headache in the locker room. The Thunder doesn't go there. And Miller is a point guard, anyway. He sometimes played alongside Ty Lawson, but Miller is a point guard.
Joe 11:17 a.m. Is every team OU plays in BB this year going to shoot over 50% from beyond the 3?
Berry Tramel 11:17 a.m. Depends on if the Sooners ever get out on them. But that's a problem for OU. OU is not all that good on defense, plus OU is small inside. So the Sooners have to shade to the paint, which makes the perimeter vulnerable.
Guest 11:18 a.m. What is your best guess on the new O-Line coach at OSU?
Berry Tramel 11:18 a.m. Don't have one. Have not studied it. Who coached the O-line at Shippensburg?
max 11:18 a.m. did Mayfield enroll at ou
Berry Tramel 11:18 a.m. I'm told he's enrolled, but I have no idea if he's attending class.
james 11:18 a.m. when is OSU going to release their investigation report about the SI article
Berry Tramel 11:18 a.m. No idea. Seems way too early to worry about. These things take forever. It's only been about four months.
Guest 11:19 a.m. How long does Scottie have to watch the starting lineup struggle before he makes a change? The first part of the first and third quarters are dreadful. With Russ out, Perk and Thabo are anchors that aren't helping the team at all. The bench recovered in the second quarter against Memphis and the Thunder had the game going there way, but the starting lineup allowed Memphis to get on a roll in the third quarter and seize the momentum and the game. Why doesn't Scottie tinker with the lineup?
Berry Tramel 11:20 a.m. I assume because he knows Westbrook will return soon. Without Westbrook, the whole thing is messed up. For instance, the bench hasn't been playing that great. But the bench was good against Memphis because Jackson was playing so poorly early that Scotty had to sit him. Then he re-inserted JAckson with the B Team, and it was just like old times. The first unit doesn't need a replacement for Thabo and Perk (although I'm not against starting Adams). The first unit needs Westbrook back.
dr. el prez 11:20 a.m. Berry, we can't talk about Perk---so let's skip that and move onto Reggie Jackson. Would be a waste of time. Can Reggie Jackson actually guard any decent NBA point and shooting guards or were Darnell and others just hoodwinked by the fact he was playing against the league's second set of twenty-nine point guards instead of the top twenty-nine?
Berry Tramel 11:21 a.m. Jackson's defense has been awful. He played enough last year and this year in crunch time to not ring up all his minutes against second-teamers. So I don't know what the deal was. Early in the season, Jackson's defense was very good. In December, one of those analytic guys for ESPN said the best twosome in the NBA was Kevin Durant and Reggie Jackson. Nobody in the league fared better with two particular players on the court than them. But now, Jackson is getting torched on D and not producing on offense regularly.
Ryan 11:22 a.m. With all of them returning, is OU going to have the best "front 7" in the nation?
Berry Tramel 11:23 a.m. I assume not. OU is still not dominant along the front line, in terms of run-stuffing AND rushing the passer. But the Sugar bowl was a good sign that things are getting better. I mean, OU showed that it can kamikaze teams. But good foes will have a counter to that. So the Sooners still need to beef up. Jordan Phillips' return will help.
vbdad 11:23 a.m. Will the state support the NCAA volleyball tournament next December? We should have last year's MVP and local girl Micha Hancock playing in it.
Berry Tramel 11:24 a.m. It's a great question. Here's what I don't know. Events like the NCAA wrestling and the NCAA Frozen Four are guaranteed success no matter where they're held, because fans come from all over. Even the Women's College World Series is heavily attended by tourists. I don't know if the same happens in volleyball.
Guest 11:24 a.m. Who is Thabo going to be traded for? He doesn't even play defense well anymore. WHat has happned to him
Berry Tramel 11:25 a.m. Thabo still plays defense. He was the only guy with a prayer against Conley the other night. Thabo's defense might have slipped some --- he might be worried about his contract -- but he still plays excellent defense.
Brian 11:25 a.m. OK State men's basketball has looked shaky in 3 of its 4 conference games so far. Just a fluke or are the Cowboys not as good as everyone thought?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. I think they're still trying to stabilize after losing Cobbins. They miss him mightily. In some ways, he was the second-most valuable player on the team. Think of it this way. The Cowboys are light inside. And they lost their best inside presence. Not good.
harry man 11:26 a.m. ok denver vs. new england;;;;san francisco vs. seattle...who you like going to the super bowl?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. San Francisco and New England.
joel 11:26 a.m. Would the starting lineup be better with Adams and Lamb instead of Perkins and Thabo? I'm baffled every single time I continue to see these 2 in the starting lineup regardless of past success because of their horrific PERs and completely substandard play this season.
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. PER doesn't measure defense. Until it does, I'm not that excited by it. The Thunder absolutely has to have Thabo -- or someone like him -- in the lineup. And there's no one on the bench like him except Roberson. That might happen next season. Adams in the starting lineup is a possibility, but I think it's more likely that we just see more Adams minutes as the season goes on.
AR_OUfan 11:27 a.m. Any word on whether or not Blake Bell will stick around next year?
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. No. If we know those things, we generally put them online immediately and in the paper the next morning.
cowboy orange 11:28 a.m. headed down to the DFW next week, where should I go to find the best college basketball in the area?
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. Moody Coliseum at SMU has been renovated. It was rocking for a game against UConn or somebody the other day. I'd like to see it. I always loved old Moody. I like TCU's Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, though it's never rocking. I'm told UTA's new gym is cool, but I don't know.
Grannie 11:29 a.m. I would love to go to OSU games. They've priced me (and lots of other semi-seniors) out. I haven't been to a football game since the renovation, and only a few basketball games (women). It makes me very sad. I used to be a season-ticket holder.
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. The prices are high. Very high. But they have some discounts during student breaks and things. Be on the lookout for those.
Birmingham Sooner 11:29 a.m. How good will Tennessee be when they come to Norman in September? They showed signs of improvement this year,
Berry Tramel 11:30 a.m. Not very good. My pastor is from Tennessee. Grew up in Knoxville. Huge Tennessee fan. He's predicting a 2-10 season. The Vols lost their entire offensive line, and the line was the best part of a bad team, according to him. So don't look for much out of Tennessee.
Terry 11:30 a.m. Berry I have seen a tweet that claimed Wickline was basically calling most of the plays last year? What's your thought on that?
Berry Tramel 11:30 a.m. I would be surprised. If that was true, then Yurcich was overmatched and needs to be replaced. If I was going to replace Yurcich, I'd have done it by now.
sooner Claus 11:31 a.m. What is going on behind the scenes at Texas Tech that is making all their quarterbacks want to leave? Rookie Head Coach mistakes with people skills, maybe?
Berry Tramel 11:31 a.m. Well, I think Kingsbury has made some mistakes. But Davis Webb was good in the bowl game. So why would Baker Mayfield or Michael Brewer want to stay? It looks like it's Webb's job.
Bo from Guthrie 11:31 a.m. What do you think about the relevance of Thabo? Seems like he isn't getting better. Time to upgrade that spot?
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. I'm all for upgrading. But that would cost the Thunder. I wish Thabo's offense hadn't dipped -- I think he's pressing -- but his defense is still what OKC needs. It comes and goes at times, but it's still at a high level. The Thunder has to have someone like that.
Rob 11:32 a.m. At this point in the NBA season who is yr pick to be in the finals?
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. OKC-Miami.
kspokesfan 11:32 a.m. So what percentage do you give oSu of winning Saturday? I like it if we can get Embiid and Wiggins in foul trouble. Why don't they drive the lane? Makes a guy miss Eaton and Page...
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. I like that strategy. Take it to the KU big guys. I think OSU drives quite a bit, but perhaps not enough, especially with the new rules. Even Nash is a decent driver.
David 11:33 a.m. I have not heard anything about the on-side kick OU did at the Sugar Bowl. Any comments?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. It wasn't an onside kick. It was just a squib kick, and Bama had lost interest, so the ball bounces off a guy.
Billy 11:33 a.m. Will OU get any 5 star receivers for 2014?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. Does OU have any committed? That would be my first clue.
Guest 11:34 a.m. Whether it's the Thunder, Oklahoma St, or Oklahoma FB, a lot of how you do depends on who you are playing against. Thunder could have beaten Memphis if they played Nick on Z-bo. Have Nick on floor when Zach is in and take him out when Zach leaves.
Berry Tramel 11:34 a.m. Collison played a ton on Randolph. But Perkins was on Z-Bo early and did a good job. Randolph started 1-of-5 from the field. You need both (and probably Adams, too, against Randolph).
Brian 11:35 a.m. How well received will the U.S. Senior Open be at Oak Tree? Do you believe that attendance will be good?
Berry Tramel 11:35 a.m. So-so. The era of senior golf is past its zenith. The stars used to be Trevino, Nicklaus, etc. Now it's just a bunch of guys.
vbdad 11:35 a.m. Will OU build a smaller basketball only arena?
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. I don't see it. Lloyd Noble is still a solid arena. Not perfect, but solid. It's connected to both practice gyms, lots of improvements to the place. I don't think it's cost effective.
Guest 11:36 a.m. What would Phil Jackson do with this Thunder team?
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. Talk funny and sit high on his chair and go 5-5 without Russell Westbrook.
Guest 11:36 a.m. Do you still do "Look alikes"?
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. No. We stopped them. Probably shouldn't have stopped.
Guest 11:37 a.m. What was Nick Saban thinking when he hired Kiffin as offensive coordinator? Was he just wanting to put in a spread offense?
Berry Tramel 11:37 a.m. I don't know what he was thinking. I'm not that big on Kiffin's offensive resume'. But Saban is no fool.
Guest 11:37 a.m. Presti needs to find a way to bring Afflalo in. He would be the perfect starting 2 guard
Berry Tramel 11:38 a.m. I love Afflalo. If that could happen, I woudl get real excited. He's a good shooter who also plays defense.
Taylor 11:38 a.m. Kevin Kuzminski was quoted on a podcast saying There are rumors of a trade in the works that will "Turn this city upside down & make the Thunder an overall favorite to win the title." He didn't elaborate much but said it is a Big Man that is a "perfect fit" to our core guys... Who would you think it is and will it happen?
Berry Tramel 11:38 a.m. I have no idea. I have to admit. I don't even know who Kevin Kuzminski is.
garysooner 11:38 a.m. The best time on the Sports Animal is when you are on with Jim. Just saying.
Berry Tramel 11:38 a.m. Thanks. I appreciate it.
tch 11:38 a.m. do you think Terry Bradshaw is among the top 5 QB's of all time?
Berry Tramel 11:39 a.m. I don't think he's among the top 25 of all time.
Guest 11:39 a.m. Have you changed your perception of Nolan Ryan over the yeras?
Berry Tramel 11:39 a.m. How do you know what my perception of Nolan Ryan is? I haven't written anything about Ryan in 20 years.
will 11:39 a.m. why is adams minutes decreasing every month?
Berry Tramel 11:39 a.m. Are they descreaing? I'd say they're increasing. He played 24 minutes against Memphis.
Bill 11:39 a.m. Do you think RJ's decreased production (offence and defense) since inserted into the starting lineup leads to a more manageable contract discussion with the Thunder?
Berry Tramel 11:40 a.m. Absolutely. All this talk about Jackson being a franchise point guard, well, a lot of that can settle down.
kspokesfan 11:40 a.m. With Rudolph on campus he will be obviously learning the system. I don't like JW's chances of starting next year. That being aid, who has the best chance of starting if not JW? RS Ruldolph?
Berry Tramel 11:40 a.m. I think it's either Mason Rudolph or JW Walsh. But I suppose one of the holdovers will have a chance.
Doug 11:40 a.m. Can't have it both ways. If the media says a quarterback can't be considered great without a championship (ridiculous since it's a team that wins a title)then you have to give credit to a guy like Bradshaw that won 4 super bowls.
Berry Tramel 11:41 a.m. I never said a quarterback can't be great without championships. The media is a big word. Don't lump everyone in together.
cowboy orange 11:41 a.m. did u see the ratings for the bowl games? I believe the sugar bowl was up this year by 28% and the cotton bowl lost 50% from last year. That's a huge hit, I don't see osu getting a good bowl in a while with those numbers.
Berry Tramel 11:42 a.m. OSU isn't hurt by that. Two things happened. 1. The Cotton Bowl last year had Johnny Manziel, the reigning Heisman winner. 2. The Cotton Bowl last year was solo on that night. This year, it had to go against the Orange Bowl. I'll bet the Orange's numbers were down, too, though maybe not, since last year's matchup was a stinker (Florida State-Northern Illinois).
Bo from Guthrie 11:42 a.m. So, you think Stoops will retire as OU's coach. Seems like he's passed most jobs that are better. (except maybe Dallas Cowboys?)
Berry Tramel 11:42 a.m. I'm not confident of it, but I'd guess that OU is Stoops' last football job.
will 11:43 a.m. yes, adams mins are decreasing from 17:55mins (nov) to 14:07mins (dec) to now 13:55mins (jan). he played 21mins against MEM but this was the first time in almost a month he played so much (>20 mins).
Berry Tramel 11:43 a.m. That's not good. They should be increasing. You are right. But maybe they will upturn. MEmphis was a good sign.
Bill 11:43 a.m. I guess that's the silver lining in the RW injury, huh? I think RJ gets between $7 to $9 million for three years to be our sixth man. Is that out of range?
Berry Tramel 11:44 a.m. $9M a year or $9M over three years? Somewhere in between. I think Jackson is worth about $6 million a year.
Guest 11:44 a.m. Discussed Nolan Ryan with you on the radio years ago--do you think he is top twenty all time?
Berry Tramel 11:44 a.m. No. I think I could find 20 better pitchers than Ryan. Probably 30.
Taylor 11:44 a.m. Apparently Dean Bleavins knows about the big trade as well... Haven't heard him speak on it though. My guess is Kevin Love. Think we could get him?
Berry Tramel 11:44 a.m. Not unless Westbrook or Durant is headed out the door.
garysooner 11:45 a.m. What's your guess between Patriots and Bronco's?
Berry Tramel 11:45 a.m. New England in a classic.
Guest 11:45 a.m. I like Fish playing on this team, contrary to what Traber says, he plays excellent defense. My only problem is that he is playing a little too much (maybe because Russ is out) and I don't like him at point, I think he plays better off the ball. Why doesn't Lamb run the second unit point more often?
Berry Tramel 11:45 a.m. Lamb's really not a point guard. Fisher at least has done it.
cowboy orange 11:45 a.m. bigger flop in the nfl Blackmon or Woods? both first round picks
Berry Tramel 11:46 a.m. I'd guess Woods. Blackmon has had some big games when he's managed to play.
Bill 11:46 a.m. $7 to $9 million per year. Less years, more money.
Berry Tramel 11:46 a.m. I don't think the Thunder will give Jackson $8 million a year. Maybe $7M.
Brian 11:46 a.m. Do you think an NFL team team would ever seriously consider hiring Gundy for head coach or even OC?
Berry Tramel 11:47 a.m. No. Gundy freely admits he never watches the NFL. Doesn't know anything about the game. Sounds like he doesn't have much interaction with pro people. There's nothing wrong with that, it just doesn't make for any kind of interest by the NFL people.
Guest 11:47 a.m. Throw out all of those wins and strikeouts and Nolan Ryan's nothing special.
Berry Tramel 11:48 a.m. I didn't say he wasn't special. I said he wasn't top 30. He's not as good as Seaver, Gibson, Jenkins, Marichal. That crowd. He's not as good as Clemens, Maddux, Glavine, that crowd. He was very good for an incredibly long time. So he's got longevity going for him. But being very good for a long time is not the same as being great for a long time.
cowboy orange 11:48 a.m. after ford flops again in the sweet sixteen, when do u think boone offers Self 5 mil a year to coach the pokes?
Berry Tramel 11:49 a.m. No one flops in the Sweet 16 unless you've got an all-star team. OSU doesn't have an all-star team. Get to the Sweet 16 and take your chances.
will 11:49 a.m. would marcus smart be a good fit for the thunder? jackson, PJ, mavs pick and thunder pick to a team that would pick him?
Berry Tramel 11:49 a.m. Smart would be a good fit for most anyone, but he would come at a high price if you don't have a high draft pick.
Guest 11:49 a.m. That big trade sounds like it might involve Tyson Chandler. But I am just guessing
Berry Tramel 11:50 a.m. I love Tyson Chandler, but can he stay healthy? And the upgrade wouldn't be mighty. The Thunder already has rim protection and good post defense.
Matt 11:50 a.m. How's KD's wrist?
Berry Tramel 11:50 a.m. Seemed all right about 37 points into the Memphis game.
Guest 11:50 a.m. So your prediction is the Patriots for the win this weekend. Safe to say Brady edges Manning as the better QB?
Berry Tramel 11:50 a.m. Sunday or forever? I'll still go with Manning, though Brady is an all-timer, too.
Sooner in Texas 11:51 a.m. Why do so many people think OSU is better than OU in bball? I'm guessing they split again this year and both make the tournament.
Berry Tramel 11:51 a.m. The Cowboys have a better team. There's no question about that. But Kruger is doing an excellent job. Making the tournament does not mean you are equal with anyone who makes the tournament.
Guest 11:51 a.m. Would you include Reggie and Lamb in package to get Afflalo? I think I would
Berry Tramel 11:51 a.m. I'd have to study the economics. But probably not. The price might be too high.
Brian 11:51 a.m. All things equal and both leagues would flourish in OKC, would you rather have an NBA team or NFL team in the city?
Berry Tramel 11:52 a.m. You'd always rather have an NFL team, and here's one reason. The NFL is much more recession-proof. If you've got a stadium, the NFL will work anywhere. Bismarck, Wheeling, Macon. The NFL works.
TKJ 11:52 a.m. Is Manziel really a 1st overall pick QB, or is it just sheer luck that the Texans have the 1st pick and realize the potential draw he brings?
Berry Tramel 11:53 a.m. I don't know that the Texans are going to take Manziel, but if they do, it's because they believe he will win. That's how you draw. You win. Tim Tebow doesn't sell tickets, and he was the most popular QB on the planet.
Guest 11:53 a.m. Tyson Chandler makes $14m and is fragile. I've been wearing out the trade machine on ESPN. How's This? Thabo/Perkins for Afflalo/Vucevic. Works with the money and the positions. Adams/Afflalo start...
Berry Tramel 11:53 a.m. Orlando isn't going to do that. Vucevic is a fine young prospect. A really good young player.
Guest 11:53 a.m. Would you trade Serge and Thabo for Kevin Love?
Berry Tramel 11:54 a.m. No. Kevin Love wouldn't be quite the player he is if playing alongside KD and Westbrook. Not enough shots. And the Thunder defense goes poof.
Sooner in Texas 11:54 a.m. What makes OSU a better overall team? I haven't seen it yet. Both have beat a high ranked team at home and lost on the road to KSU.
Berry Tramel 11:54 a.m. OSU's non-conference schedule was better. Quite a bit better. The Cowboys didn't lose at home to La Tech. They routed Memphis.
kspokesfan 11:55 a.m. So what happened to Baylor last night... I know it's tough to win on the road but Tech embarrassed them.
Berry Tramel 11:55 a.m. I don't know. Baylor can be a mess at times. You're right. That was embarrassing.
Berry Tramel 11:55 a.m. OK, great questions. I appreciate it. Talk to you next week.
kspokesfan 11:55 a.m. Thanks Berry
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