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Berry Tramel: Why can't the Thunder have 'two Batmans?'

by Berry Tramel Modified: April 28, 2011 at 12:13 pm •  Published: April 28, 2011

reso than NHL. I didn't think it would ever happen, but I was at least thinking about it. As for a 54-story skyscraper, I have two thoughts: 1. It's great for OKC. It shows commitment and status and a certain macho attitude. 2. I would actually prefer two new 27-story skyscrapers. The most impressive thing about big-time city skylines is not the heights of 3-4 buildings. It's the number of buildings that go reaching to the sky.

On the Thunder wanting to play the San Antonio because of the Spurs' 'advanced' age:

Exactly. That's the reason San Antone is vulnerable. The Spurs are a fascinating team. They look old and tired and beaten. Yet they won 60 games and spent all season as the league's premier team, until a last-week fade. We've seen a lot of teams like this. The '64 Yankees, the '68 Packers, the '70 Celtics. Teams that grew old instantly. But they did so in the off-season. I've never seen a team fall off the cliff in the post-season.

On the Top 3 stories he's covered for The Oklahoman:

Well, from a reality standpoint, I'd say: 1. The Bombing. 2. The May 3 tornadoes; 3. The NBA's move to OKC. If you don't want me to count the non-sports stuff, I'd say: 1. The NBA's move to OKC; 2. OU's 2000 national title run and the whole explosion of the Bob Stoops renaissance; 3. Eddie Sutton restoration of OSU basketball.

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