Published: September 23, 2007
The bloggers are hitting mid-season form in snarky comments. Here's a look around the horn at what they had to say about today's college football action.

On Louisville's upset loss to Syracuse: "After the game I saw a UofL defender try to wrap his arms around a cheerleader, but he missed and she ran 47 yards for a touchdown.” — Ron,

•On Nebraska's one-point win over Ball State: "Sam Keller had a nice day. Marlon Lucky had a nice day, as did the receiving corps. Unfortunately, the offensive line proved we can't run the ball even against an undersized defense.

And all of that doesn't matter because we gave up 422 yards in the air to Nate Davis — 214 of that to a single receiver, Nate Love. We gave up over 600 yards of total offense. Don't believe the spew about how good a team Ball State is. We're suddenly in the business of making teams look incredible. That our defense played this badly is indefensible.

We have an illness, and we have two weeks to cure it. Bill Callahan's consistent, redundant answer to any injury question best describes this Husker team: Day to Day.” — Corn Blight,

More on Nebraska: "This is ridiculous. I've tried to be patient with Coach Callahan ever since he came to Nebraska. I approached it with an open mind but when we beat Ball State 41-40 at home, especially since he's had a few years to get his new players recruited something is going on. 41 points is great but when you give up that much to Ball State at home there are problems. There will be a lot of whispers about his future throughout Nebraska and the rest of Cornhusker nation after this game.” — placeco7 in Huskerland,

On Notre Dame's game against Michigan State: "Jimmy Clausen leads his first touchdown drive.

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