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Published: September 23, 2007

t's see: incomplete pass, handoff, handoff ... something to be proud of.” — orion5417,

On Notre Dame's woes: "A prediction: The Rev. Jesse Jackson soon will make a serious visit to the University of Notre Dame. He'll ask why Charlie Weis is keeping his job as football coach, in what could be the worst season in the program's storied-to-stinky modern history, after an African-American coach named Tyrone Willingham was fired in his third season with a 6-5 record and 21-15 career mark.

And Jackson will be absolutely right to ask. Because if perception is reality, the Domers are guilty of a racial double-standard.” — Jay Mariotti,

On OSU-Texas Tech: "The decision to go with Zac Robinson is looking better and better. Zac just scrambled 48 yards for a touchdown to give OSU a 28-21 lead, and Robinson is doing two things better than Bobby Reid did. He's running better. And he's running more. We kept waiting for Reid to tuck it and run; waiting and waiting and waiting. Reid never really would pull the trigger.” — Berry Tramel,

On Florida's close win over Ole Miss: "Florida barely got by Ole Miss, 30-24, leading us to believe the Gators need serious defensive work to beat LSU in two weeks.” —

On Tulsa's showing against OU: "Tulsa is a good team when the academic institution lets them be a good team, and if they had supported them the last forty years, this game would be a heckuva lot closer. But it looks like they are on the right track again from the past few years. If this continues, Tulsa will be a lot stronger in a few years. Maybe Tulsa will be added to the Big 12 North Division. — AngryAngel65,