Published: November 25, 2007
Saturday belonged to the Bedlam fans. There was a mix of disgust, hope, bragging, dismay and sense on the OU and OSU message boards on Saturday. Here's a sample.

Auston English and Jeremy Beal will give the Sooners the best set of DE's in the Big 12 next season, and one of the best duos in the nation.

— WdUpYall,

(OSU) DO NOT ACCEPT A BOWL BID ANYWHERE. Please do not put the OSU fans, University, or the State of Oklahoma through any more embarrassment and misery. Let the season end so we can all move forward and forget any thought about a football program. Please shoot this thing in the head and out it out of its misery.

— ProCowboy1,

Every 15 years or so the Aggies get lucky and sneak out a win vs. OU. Great investment by T. Boone (Pickens). He will eventually enjoy losing.

— DCRanchSooner,

Seriously, once (Boone Pickens Stadium) is done we are going to be bringing in better recruits.The truth is that I hope this gamble of redshirting 10 defensive players pays off. If they made huge improvements by working out with Rob Glass instead of playing then the defense should be better. Secondly, there are three teams in the Big 12 that are going to have new coaches next year, and yes it will hurt them in recruiting. We should be fine.

— JamesPWhite,

Overall the game was well played but too conservative. We should have beat OSU by 50.

Fans and the stadium — up and down. Hard and loud sometimes but most of the time it looked like just going through the motions.

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