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Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnydipping' makes a splash

Associated Press Published: May 2, 2012

But the pace moves as fast as a Hollywood rumor, and the voice of Faith is all Bethenny. She's plucky, hardworking and street-smart, but often raunchy and inappropriate. You never know what she'll say next, but you don't want to miss a zinger.

You cannot help but root for imperfect Faith. She trusts the wrong people and makes bad decisions — but learns from her mistakes and continues to believe in herself.

Like the persona Frankel reveals on her reality TV shows and in her books, Faith has a tough exterior but reveals sensitivity and insecurity underneath the bravado. At some points it seems Frankel is using Faith to work through her own personal issues.

Admitting she wanted to be an actress for the wrong reasons, Faith says, "I wanted it ... for the attention and love I never got as a child."

When Faith has the opportunity to marry a rich, handsome man and pay off her debts and settle down, she breaks off the engagement because she wants to succeed on her own. It's that message of empowerment that appeals to many young women. Frankel has a knack for tapping into how women feel about themselves and their place in the world.

Frankel preaches the gospel of modern success for women, and with more than 862,000 Twitter followers and a multimillion-dollar brand, she has the disciples and collection plate to prove they're listening.

As summer approaches, expect to see Frankel fans in oversized sunglasses sipping Skinnygirl margaritas while clutching a copy of "Skinnydipping" on a beach near you.