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Betty White: 'I'm the Luckiest Old Broad on Two Feet'

PARADE Published: November 16, 2012
Over the course of her seven decades-long career, Betty White has entertained audiences with memorable roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls, and most recently, Hot in Cleveland. But the role nearest and dearest to the star’s heart is that of animal lover.

For nearly 40 years, White has served as a trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, and she's been a devoted advocate for animal rights. Now, White, 90, is partnering with HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service to shed light on an initiative that is often overlooked.

“It's a little known fact that one-in-three family pets gets lost during its lifetime, and approximately 9 million pets enter shelters each year,” White tells PARADE. “That’s why it’s a wonderful thing to get your pet microchipped and registetered with your contact information because then they can be located and the owners can track where their pets are.”

The actress has even gotten her beloved dog, Pontiac, microchipped and registered with HomeAgain.

“He doesn't get very far away from me because the two of us are kind of locked at the hip, but let's say a door gets left open or there's a hole in the fence in the backyard, I want to be able to find that baby again as soon as possible," she says.

Have you always been an animal lover?
“Yes. It comes from the womb. My mother and dad were big animal lovers, too. I just don't know how I would have lived without animals around me. I'm fascinated by them — both domestic pets and the wild community. They just are the most interesting things in the world to me, and it's made such a difference in my lifetime.”

Season four of Hot in Cleveland premieres Nov. 28 on TV Land. Are you looking forward to reuniting with the ladies of Cleveland?
Hot in Cleveland is such a joy. I'm the luckiest old broad on two feet because I had the privilege of working with the Mary Tyler Moore group, and then I had the privilege of working with the Golden Girls group, and now I've got another group of wonderful people to work with. One of those in a lifetime is a blessing, two is unusual, but to have it happen three times in your lifetime, how lucky can you be? We all adore each other.

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