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Big 12 baseball Q&A: Jacob Evans talks about Big 12 title, what's next for Sooners

OU's Jacob Evans reflected on how it felt to win Oklahoma's first Big 12 Championship since 1997, being in the dogpile and what's ahead for the Sooners.
BY RHIANNON WALKER Published: May 26, 2013

“I just went to dinner with my family, and I had a friend in town, too. And then just went back to the hotel that night, played some video games with my buddy, and we just waited around last night to see who we play. We found out we play (Kansas) and went to bed and just got ready for today.”

Do you remember what video game you played by any chance?

“MLB the Show and FIFA.”

Who won?

“I think he beat me the first game of the Show, and then I beat him in FIFA and then the next game.”

How did it feel today dogpiling and knowing you guys were going to win?

“Words can’t describe it. All of our people were pre paring since the fall, and I knew we had the lead in the regular season most of the year. And getting in that dogpile, it just meant a lot.”

And how much confi dence did you have in (Kyle) Hayes finishing out the game, knowing that you were handing it off to him?

“A lot after yesterday coming in a huge situation. He picked me up yesterday and picked me up today. He’s going to help us down the road.”

What are you going to do now?

“Regionals, Super Region als, and Omaha. That’s been our goal since fall: Get to Omaha and win it, not just get there, but win Omaha.” By Rhiannon Walker