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Big 12 Baseball Q&A: Oklahoma's Kolbey Carpenter looks back on tragic month

The tornado in Moore, the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, all hit home for Sooner first baseman.
by Anthony Slater Published: May 23, 2013

We've seen the entire Oklahoma community come to the aid of displaced victims this week. What was the reaction in Moore?

Yeah, that's exactly how it was. There was a lot of people donating, a lot of people coming to help the community out and just everybody banding together to help everyone else.

You also knew a teacher who ran in the Boston Marathon. How hard was it to follow that saga while the West thing was going on?

I talked to her about it, but with the West thing happening so close afterward, I didn't have much chance to think about the Boston thing. I saw stuff on TV and I knew it was bad and I was praying for all the people there, but with the West thing going on, it just kind of took all my focus off that.

What's this month been like for you personally?

It's definitely been a tough month. I've had a lot going on, with school being out and the West thing happening close to finals, then getting back and having finals and then having the postseason coming up before this tornado hit. It's been tough and just really busy.

Can this kind of adversity strengthen you moving forward?

Yeah, it's definitely going to prepare me for the future. I hope no more tragedies happen again, but it always makes you look back on everything and feel glad about everything you have and where you are.

How much has baseball been able to serve as a distraction?

It definitely feels good to get back on the field, stay focused in trying to win the Big 12 Tournament championship, and hopefully we can keep playing good and do that. But it really is helpful to get on the field and have my focus on that.