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Big Texas cities not great places to live

Published: June 5, 2013

Regarding “Growth rates likely to stoke interest in tax cut” (Our Views, May 31): How long have some people wished Oklahoma could be like Texas? They should go live there for a time to see how they like gridlock traffic and paying fees for everything you see and do. Experience a few daily commutes in Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Austin or Dallas. The local Houston folks call the loop “the parking lot.” Many areas of Texas face serious water shortages and quality issues. In Texas, property taxes are like a runaway train. They have a rather high fee for everything. It's the same here: When Oklahoma lowers income taxes, up go all the fees and costs for services.

I can't get over how long it takes to drive Interstate 35 from south of San Antonio, north to the Oklahoma border. What good are 75-mph speed limits when your average speed is about 50 and it takes you 45 minutes to get across each major city along the way — any time of day, not just at rush hour?

When my wife and I were about to retire, we checked out some places in Texas and found that we preferred Oklahoma despite its income tax. It's still a less crowded, less hectic place to live.

Jack Dill, Blanchard

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