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Fans favor black and gold colors

By Darnell Mayberry Published: May 13, 2008

/> "I actually started out with red, white and silver,” said Moody of his design. "But then I decided I didn't want to include any colors from OU or OSU. I thought both fan bases might like something different. And I didn't want to upset any Oklahoma State fans.”

Moody, an OU fan who works at Territory Golf & Country Club and dabbles as a graphic designer for fun in his spare time, said he posted his design on message boards and was taken aback by the overwhelming positive responses he received.

"At first I liked (the colors), but I didn't know how well other people would or what they would think about that,” said Moody, who wanted his design to reflect a western feel. "I can't believe how many e-mails I've gotten from people who said they love black and gold. It's been pretty cool.”

Mike McGinnis, 67, of Norman, is the regional sales manager for Iowa-based DeLong Sportswear. McGinnis submitted a similar jersey design to The Oklahoman but with the team name Oilers.

"The reason I (chose black and gold) is because I named the team the Oilers, which is black gold,” McGinnis said. "So I thought that was appropriate colors if they're named anything relating to the energy industry. I just think they look good together.”

No matter the team name, McGinnis said.

"Absolutely,” he said. "I don't think that'd be a problem at all. Just the look of black and gold is good no matter what the mascot is. I just think it's pleasing to the eye. Aesthetically, it's pleasant to look at.”

Like many, graphic artist Kasey Moody envisions Oklahoma City's NBA team to sport a black and gold color scheme. Moody already has Sonics Rookie of the Year winner Kevin Durant, pictured above, wearing a uniform Moody designed. Associated press photo; illustration by Kasey Moody


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