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  • OU basketball: Should Villanova be nervous?

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Fri, Apr 1, 2016

    Jordan Woodard might've been feeling a little saucy after answering a ton of questions lately, but during one of the player interview sessions before the OU faces Villanova on Saturday in the Final Four, he had a fun exchange when a reporter started a question by asking the...

  • Final Four: No messing with a good "Shining Moment"

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Fri, Apr 1, 2016

    Fear not, "One Shining Moment" purists -- the Luther Vandross version is ready to roll. Turner Sports announced Friday that the celebrated version of college basketball's iconic anthem isn't going anywhere. TBS will use the Vandross version with its video montage after Monday's...

  • OU basketball: Sooners welcomed to Houston with fanfare

    OU basketball: Sooners welcomed to Houston with... Jenni Carlson | Updated: Thu, Mar 31, 2016

    Oklahoma's traveling party flew into Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base on the south side of Houston on Wednesday evening. The Sooners were greeted by a receiving line of military veterans who were flanked by jets and tanks. The base is a joint instillation shared by various active and...

  • OU basketball: Khadeem Lattin will play against Villanova despite grandmother's death

    OU basketball: Khadeem Lattin will play against... Jenni Carlson | Updated: Thu, Mar 31, 2016

    HOUSTON -- Oklahoma center Khadeem Lattin plans to play Saturday after his grandmother died Wednesday night. Brenda Fair died after a short battle with lung cancer. “A couple weeks ago, he took the extra time to come see her,” Sooner coach Lon Kruger said. “He had that opportunity. But it...

  • Lorenzo Cain scored from first on a single ... but almost didn't make the Royals victory parade

    Lorenzo Cain scored from first on a single ...... Jenni Carlson | Updated: Wed, Feb 17, 2016

    News that Lorenzo Cain lives in Norman surprised a bunch of  readers. I wrote about the World Series champ for Tuesday's newspaper -- you can read the column by clicking here -- and I heard from several folks who had the same whodathunkit reaction that I did when I first heard about...

  • If your kid plays sports, you need to read this

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Fri, Jan 29, 2016

    Parents hate seeing their kids hurt. I know from experience. I nearly melt any time my 3-year-old starts wailing about something hurting. But what if your child is hurt and you don't realize it? That will be one of the topics discussed Saturday afternoon at Belle Isle...

  • OSU Plane Crash: Has it really been 15 years?

    OSU Plane Crash: Has it really been 15 years? Jenni Carlson | Updated: Wed, Jan 27, 2016

    Every once in a while on my Facebook timeline, I get a reminder of how long it's been since the Oklahoma State plane crash. It comes in the form of a picture of Andie Hancock. Hancock's dad, you'll remember, was Will. He was one of the 10 men killed when a plane carrying members of the...

  • Confessions of Runner Gal: I hate running

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Wed, Dec 30, 2015

    Some of you know that I've been bitten by the running bug. It started innocently enough, just a few miles four or five days a week. But this past year, I ran not one but two half marathons. (I'm only half crazy; marathoners are all the way gone.) And now, I've volunteered to write for the...

  • OSU Football: Boy in the Spider-Man sweatshirt needs your prayers

    OSU Football: Boy in the Spider-Man sweatshirt... Jenni Carlson | Updated: Tue, Dec 29, 2015

    Earlier this year, I had the privilege of writing about a photo that captured hearts. Taken after Oklahoma State defeated Kansas State, the picture showed Cowboy quarterback Mason Rudolph cradling a blue-eyed, bald-headed boy. He wore a Spider-Man sweatshirt and Lightning...

  • Still thinking -- and praying -- about Cowboys big and small

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Wed, Oct 28, 2015

    I keep thinking about the stroller tire. Saturday afternoon, I walked from Boone Pickens Stadium to the corner of Hall of Fame and Main. The second half of the football game between Oklahoma State and Kansas had just started, so the streets were relatively quiet. A few folks...

  • Road trippin' to West Virginia still a trip

    Road trippin\' to West Virginia still a trip Jenni Carlson | Updated: Sat, Oct 10, 2015

    West Virginia has been part of the Big 12 for three-plus years now, and still, heading out to cover a game at the conference's eastern-most member feels a little like a trip to the far side of the moon. You know you aren't in the Big 12 footprint, as we once knew it. That made Friday a fun...

  • The Oklahoman's 2015 OSU football predictions

    The Oklahoman\'s 2015 OSU football predictions Berry Tramel,Jenni Carlson,john helsley,Kyle Fredrickson | Updated: Thu, Sep 3, 2015

    As Oklahoma State prepares to take on Central Michigan in the season opener, The Oklahoman’s college football coverage team shared its picks for the Cowboys' season. Who will be the Cowboys' MVP? * Kyle Fredrickson, OSU beat writer: QB Mason Rudolph – It’s no coincidence the Cowboys’...

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