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  • OKC Memorial Marathon: It's snowing! Plan accordingly

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Fri, Feb 27, 2015

    It’s snowing, which apparently is becoming a thing in Oklahoma. I’m fine with this — except when it messes with my half-marathon training. I’ve said before that I don’t mind running in the cold. In fact, I prefer it. But snow and ice? I prefer to avoid that. But this weekend, avoiding it...

  • HS Basketball: Frontier rallying around its own once again

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Fri, Feb 27, 2015

      Sometimes, we go looking for follow-ups on stories that we’ve done. Other times, the follow-up comes to us. I was lucky enough to get an email earlier this week from Velda Rocha. The subject of her email was “Update”, and I have to admit, before I opened the email, I wasn’t quite sure what...

  • Thunder: Another face of Russell Westbrook

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Tue, Feb 24, 2015

    For more than a year, I’ve been getting notifications about Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook and his Why Not? Foundation doing various events around Oklahoma City. Holiday meals. Reading rooms. Unfortunately, the timing for me hasn’t worked for any of those previous events, and I’ve not...

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: Inspiration part of running gear

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Mon, Feb 23, 2015

    I always tell people that I hate to run but that I love to eat. Hate might be a strong word, but the truth is, I mostly run so that I can have a cookie or three and not be guilty about it. Staying at a healthy weight is important for me; I want to be […]

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: What Not to Wear

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Mon, Feb 23, 2015

    This past week has been a roller coaster of weather. (Welcome to Oklahoma, right?!?) But going from 60s to 20s to 40s, from sun to snow to rain can be a real challenge when you’re trying to figure out what to wear when you go out on a run. Even though I’ve been running regularly for the...

  • Tell us your letter jacket stories

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Tue, Feb 17, 2015

    Monday became story day in the sports department. You’re probably wondering, “Isn’t every day a story day? You guys do write stories for a living, after all?” That’s true, but it isn’t every day that we sit around telling stories about ourselves. But that’s what happened as I was working on a...

  • Send us your letter jacket stories

    Jenni Carlson | Updated: Mon, Feb 16, 2015

    High school letter jackets hold a special place in many hearts. They are worn during some of the best years of our lives. They are often a reminder of simpler times. So, what about your letter jacket? We want to hear your stories. The good. The bad. The happy. The sad. Email,...

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: These shoes were made for runnin'

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Mon, Feb 16, 2015

    Preparing to run a half marathon or any distance race, you need good tread on your tires. I’ve been running in Brooks Glycerin for more than a year and had my current pair since sometime last fall, and while they’re still in pretty good shape, they’re starting to show some wear on the bottom. I […]

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: Where can I train?

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Fri, Feb 13, 2015

    Getting ready to run an event, no matter the distance, can be a challenge. How do you stay motivated? How do you get in the miles that you need? How do you work on keeping a good pace? And on your longer runs, how do you stay hydrated? Well, in the Oklahoma City area, there […]

  • Like the tree dedicated in his honor, Matt Allen's memory lives on

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Fri, Feb 13, 2015

    Family and friends of Matt Allen gather around a tree dedicated in his memory last month at Bishop McGuinness High School. Matt’s wife, Kelly, is in the green shirt.   A couple weeks ago, I made my way over to Bishop McGuinness High School. It wasn’t a trip to see a game or interview a […]

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: What color is your pee?

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Thu, Feb 12, 2015

    Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in the media work room at Gallagher-Iba Arena working on my column after Oklahoma State’s big win against Kansas when my phone buzzed. It was a text message from Amy Downs, my voice of reason and experience as I train for the half at the Memorial Marathon. I...

  • OKC Memorial Marathon: The reason that we run

    Jenni Carlson | Published: Wed, Feb 11, 2015

    Earlier this week, I moved. Well, not just me. The Oklahoman is in the process of relocating its offices from Britton Road and Broadway Extension to downtown Oklahoma City. We sit on the corner of Sheridan and Robinson, sharing the intersection with the Colcord Hotel, Myriad...

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