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Blu-ray review: 'A New Leaf'

Blu-ray review: ‘A New Leaf'
BY DENNIS KING Published: September 14, 2012

Having plowed his way through his trust fund with a profligate lifestyle, the newly penniless Henry bemoans his fate — “I'm poor!” — and deviously plots a way back into the upper reaches of high society.

Henry's plan: to court and quickly marry Henrietta's money and then cunningly knock her off.

After the first two acts of haughty self-indulgence, the story goes a bit soft and gooey in its more conventional third act. That's when Henry and Henrietta's marriage proves a mismatch made in heaven.

So the pampered playboy becomes protector of the innocent waif, and against his every selfish impulse discovers his better self. Indeed, he turns over a new leaf.

The Blu-ray Disc in widescreen format shows some signs of wear and tear, but it should be enough that May's peculiar little movie is ready to bloom once again for a new generation of movie lovers.

— Dennis King