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Bodywork: Adam Cohen looks at fitness trends for new year

Counting down the top 10 fitness trends for 2013
BY STEPHEN PRESCOTT AND ADAM COHEN Published: January 15, 2013

4. Express training. We know you're busy. And with studies demonstrating the effectiveness of abbreviated — but demanding — regimens like high-intensity interval training, 2013 will likely bring more exercise programs like P90X and Insanity that squeeze lots of effort into a small time window.

3. Standing desks. You stick to a rigorous gym regimen and boast a resting heart rate only slightly higher than Kevin Durant's scoring average. Guess what? Research shows that even that doesn't inoculate you from the dangers of sitting at a computer all day. Once an oddity, standing desks and adjustable workstations are rapidly becoming a staple of the modern, health-conscious office.

2. Organic fatigue. In September, after examining 40 years of research, Stanford University scientists concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic were, on average, no more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. Such findings could cause a blip in the rapidly growing organic food market, which surged 12 percent in 2011 (statistics aren't yet in for 2012).

1. Weight training. Lifting weights boosts metabolism and increases muscular endurance. It also builds coordination, lessens the risk of diabetes, and helps older people maintain muscle mass and coordination. Plus, who wouldn't want six-pack abs and a pair of loaded guns?

Some things never go out of style.

Prescott, a physician and medical researcher, is president of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Cohen is a marathoner and OMRF's senior vice president and general counsel.