Book roundup for young readers

Book roundup for young readers
by Moran Elwell Modified: December 18, 2013 at 9:45 am •  Published: December 29, 2013

Book roundup for young readers

“Walk This World” by Jenny Broom and Lotta Nieminen (Big Picture Press, 24 pages, in stores, ages 5 and up)

A narrator starts the new book “Walk This World” by Lotta Nieminen by inviting young readers to follow along on a worldwide adventure. Every turn of the page presents readers with a new scene in a different country. Children are invited to guess where the narrator is traveling by searching each page for clues and flags. Starting in New York, the journey continues through Italy, London, India, Australia and more. The pages also feature more than 80 small flaps that, when lifted, show what is happening under the scenes on the cover. Lifting the cover on a cheese shop on the Paris page shows a little mouse and wheels of cheese with large bites missing. A door on the Taj Mahal on the India page reveals a tiger prowling the landmark. The flaps can be a little difficult for small fingers to maneuver, so an adult may need to open all the flaps initially. The intricate, bold illustrations and interactive flaps make this a book that children will spend some time with.

“Forever” by Emma Dodd (Templar, 24 pages, in stores, ages 2 and up)

Emma Dodd, author of a popular baby animal series, uses an adult and baby polar bear to illustrate the love and bond between a caregiver and a child in “Forever.” One page shows an adult polar bear towing a baby bear out of deep water and the words “If you're ever feeling scared, I'll be right beside you.” The drawings are sweet and embellished with foil in a manner that makes each page seem special. The book emits a message of reassurance and love to young readers, making it a calm, comforting bedtime tale.

“Nina's Book of Little Things” by Keith Haring (Big Picture Press, Reprint edition, 80 pages, in stores, ages 6 and up)

Originally created as a birthday present for 7-year-old Nina Clemente, “Nina's Book of Little Things” celebrates imagination and creativity. Written by internationally acclaimed artist Keith Haring for his young friend, this reprint asks readers to make their mark on each page. Drawings, glue, staples, sewing, hammers and tape are all encouraged. The instructions in the front of the book explain that it is a book for little things. The things can be found, collected, made, drawn, gifts and collections — as long as they are little. “If you want to collect big things, get a box,” the instructions admonish. The following pages are filled with Haring's distinct illustrations and gentle humor. A page with a drawing of a rabbit and a ladder asks the reader to imagine the little things the rabbit found at the top of the ladder. Another page asks for a pressed four-leaf clover to be attached. This fun book could be a journal-like experience for a child or a shared activity for a caregiver and child.

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