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Book review: 'Sinking Suspicions: A Sadie Walele Mystery' by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe

Third book in the Sadie Wadele series will be available on Sept. 4.
Oklahoman Published: August 31, 2014

“Sinking Suspicions: A Sadie Walele Mystery” by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe (University of Arizona Press, 211 pages, Sept. 4)

Fresh, subtle insights into the minds and traditions of Oklahoma’s Cherokee people are a bonus in the Sadie Walela mystery book series, which is based on the author’s own rural, native roots in Rattlesnake Hollow, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pin-point in northeastern Oklahoma.

In “Sinking Suspicions” — the third book in the Walela series — Sadie travels to Maui while tensions soar in a fictionalized area around Jay, OK. She stumbles into a smoldering World War II love affair between a hula dancer and a Cherokee Marine who trained in Hawaii.

The previous two books won awards. This one focuses in part on myth-defying truths about Cherokees and the tragedy of “Americans of Japanese Ancestry” soldiers who died fighting Hitler’s forces in Europe while their families were being rounded up into 1940s internment camps.

The author, previously known as Sara Youngblood, abandoned in 1997 a two-decade management career in Oklahoma City financial institutions and gave up teaching business classes so she could join her social worker husband on assignment in Maui. She enrolled in writing classes and developed her talent as a novelist.

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