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Book review: 'Sixth Grave on the Edge: A Novel'

Book review: “Sixth Grave on the Edge: A Novel”
by Moran Elwell Published: August 24, 2014

“Sixth Grave on the Edge: A Novel” by Darynda Jones (St. Martin’s Press, 336 pages, in stores)

As she has done with the other five books in the series, author Darynda Jones leads readers right up to the very end of “Sixth Grave on the Edge” and leaves them wanting more of grim reaper Charley Davidson’s world.

Jones manages to write a humorous, hot story with a mystery or two that get solved by Charley while raising even more questions and continuing several larger story arcs she’s been building throughout the series.

Private investigator Charley uses her supernatural powers and sheer moxy to manipulate a card-dealing demon, her uncle, the FBI and mob members with sometimes disastrous results.

The highly caffeinated Charley also is trying to decide whether to accept a marriage proposal made at the end of “Fifth Grave Past the Light” from Reyes Farrow, her neighbor, lover, sometimes partner and always son of the devil. Charley and Reyes share several steamy scenes and continue to uncover more about what their relationship means for the future of the world and each other. By the time the reader gets a clear answer to Reyes’ proposal, they’re already so wrapped up in the other plots it’s almost an afterthought.

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