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Book review: 'The Lincoln Conspiracy' by Timothy O'Brien

“The Lincoln Conspiracy” by Timothy O'Brien offers a new twist on history and introduces a new sleuth.
BY KAY DYER Published: November 4, 2012

Through the rest of the novel, Temple and his nurse wife, Fiona, are under attack as they try to stay ahead of a growing crowd of important people hoping to keep contents of the diaries secret. Their friends come under fire. Fiona takes a train trip with the widow and later helps rescue Temple from a prison. Temple flees to New York but can't escape his pursuers.

The author's descriptions of Washington help set the time of the action. He describes how the rain has settled the dust but turned major streets into mud holes. The bright new dome of the Capitol shines over the city, and the Washington Monument is under construction.

All in all, this is a good story for history buffs as well as thriller addicts.

— Kay Dyer