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Book review: 'The Quest' by Nelson DeMille

Revised version of the author’s original 1975 novel is twice as long but not among his best work.
Oklahoman Published: March 16, 2014

“The Quest” by Nelson DeMille (Center Street, 464 pages, in stores)

The year is 1974, and the Ethiopian civil war is still raging.

Two journalists and a photographer are covering the war and get lost in the jungle.

While trying to find a way out, they make a startling discovery.

An Italian priest, captured when Ethiopia was an Italian colony almost forty years earlier, has escaped.

He’s near death but tells them before he dies that the Holy Grail used by Christ at the Last Supper does exist and is in the Ethiopian jungle guarded by Coptic monks.

The three are captured by revolutionaries, but after some torture manage to escape.

They get out of Ethiopia and flee to Rome, but after long and heated discussions they decide to return to search for the Grail.

Accompanying them this time is Col. Gunn, a military man with connections and knowledge.

DeMille wrote a version of “The Quest” that was published as a paperback in 1975.

The author rewrote and doubled the length of the original to produce this more modern version. DeMille remains a wonderful story teller, but this isn’t one of his best.

— John Harrington, for The Oklahoman


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