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Book review: 'Time Flies' by Claire Cook

If you've ever been to your high school reunion, you will appreciate the droll wit of Melanie, narrator and main character in Claire Cook's “Time Flies.”
Published: July 14, 2013

In Claire Cook's “Time Flies” (Touchstone, $24.99), Melanie's life is at a low point. Her two sons are grown and on their own, and her husband, Curt, has left her for a younger woman, Crissy.

Melanie is in her bedroom, wearing goggles and leather gloves, cutting up the mattress on her marital bed with a chain saw. Her objective is to get to the springs inside. She is a metal artist and plans to use the springs in a project. And yes, she is a little bitter.

Meanwhile, her best friend from high school, B.J., who is on the alumni committee, has been sending her updates, badgering her to attend the reunion. Despite Melanie's adamant refusals, B.J. refuses to back down.

When Melanie receives an email from an old flame who says she broke his heart, she decides to go to the reunion. She has visions of seeing Finn Miller across the room and sparks flying between them, especially if the DJ plays “Nights in White Satin.”

B.J. meets Melanie at the airport in Mustang Sally, her red vintage convertible. They put on headscarves and immediately go into Thelma and Louise mode, playing '60s music and singing at the top of their lungs.

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