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Boulevard announces 2014 Smokestack Series plans

Nick Trougakos Published: October 22, 2013

Boulevard Brewing Co. has been making a lot of noise lately. Last week, they announced a deal to sell the company to Belgian brewer Duvel Moortgat. I won’t go into detail on that story, since the news is already several days old, but it was met with many sad proclamations from beer fans about the future of Boulevard.

In an open letter posted on the Boulevard website, founder John McDonald said the deal is such that Boulevard would be able to continue on its current course. Today, there is some evidence that things will indeed move along as planned for the Kansas City brewery, as Boulevard released its planned production lineup for the 2014 Smokestack Series.

They did this with a handy poster/graphic, so instead of me typing it out, I’ll let you look at it. Here you go:

Lots to be excited about there. I’ll be looking forward to the Two Jokers and the Harvest Dance. You?