NewsOK BrandInsight Connecting local experts and business leaders with the NewsOK audience. What is this?

NewsOK BrandInsight
NewsOK BrandInsight offers a place for organizations and companies to share their expertise in areas of interest to NewsOK readers. The content is branded with these organizations’ identities and takes a closer look at local trends, issues and topics that are important to the NewsOK audience.

BrandInsight content is by-invitation and it is reviewed by NewsOK editors for appropriateness. However, it allows businesses and organization to engage directly with the NewsOK audience on areas in which they have special knowledge. These articles are not intended to promote products or services.

The articles use a similar presentation to publisher-provided NewsOK articles and have full social sharing and commenting features. To ensure readers can identify the source, articles include BrandInsight labeling and the marketer’s branding. Articles are presented in a special section, but they may also be promoted to other areas of NewsOK if reader interest dictates. The branding remains with the article wherever it appears on NewsOK.