Brandon Weeden's gun-slinging reaching new heights in OSU rout of Texas Tech

JENNI CARLSON COMMENTARY — Brandon Weeden took dead aim at Texas Tech, completing 83.8 percent of his attempts, throwing for 423 yards and five touchdowns.
by Jenni Carlson Published: November 12, 2011

He gets better every week because he learns from every experience.

Take, for example, what Monken considered Weeden's best decision Saturday. Late in the second quarter, the call came for a deep pump play to Justin Blackmon, but Weeden recognized a blitz and checked into an outside run.

The play went for minus-2 yards, but last week, a similar situation met with much more disastrous results.

Remember that pick-six against K-State?

OSU had the similar pass play called, but with a blitz coming, Weeden went ahead and threw it right to a Wildcat defender.

“This time instead of getting pressure and throwing a pick, he checked us away from it,” Monken said. “Even though we didn't gain anything, he kept us away from a bad play.”

It's just one more sign of Weeden's continued improvement.

Apparently, the old dog can be taught new tricks.

“His biggest thing is certain things mentally,” Monken said, “because when it comes to just throwing it, setting his feet, he's special.”

No doubt about that.

Slowly but surely, the college football world is becoming aware of that. Weeden popped into a couple of the Heisman Trophy straw polls after his 502-yard performance last week. Then during Saturday's broadcast, one of the announcers said Weeden would be in the running for the little bronze statue should Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck struggle.

Even the Sooner-loving Skip Bayless threw his support behind Weeden via Twitter.

“Maybe I'll tweet him and tell him to keep talking about it,” Weeden said.

He laughed.

“No, but the Heisman has turned into a team award. The guys that are up there and go to New York, they are usually on teams that win a lot of games. If I were to get a trip up there, I'd be stoked ... but that really just means we're winning games here and we're doing something special as a team.”

The undefeated and unflappable Cowboys are definitely doing something special. It takes a posse to ride like this.

But Weeden continues to lead the charge.

“Man, he's just so amazing,” Cowboy running back Joe Randle said. “He leads us, and we follow.”

Best to follow after a guy who has a bunch of bullets in his six-shooter.

by Jenni Carlson
Jenni Carlson, a sports columnist at The Oklahoman since 1999, came by her love of sports honestly. She grew up in a sports-loving family in Kansas. Her dad coached baseball and did color commentary on the radio for the high school football...
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