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Brett who? NBC to focus on Aaron Rodgers

by Mel Bracht Published: September 19, 2008

NBC producers say they will focus on Aaron Rodgers and minimize the talk about Brett Favre during its Sunday Night Football broadcast when the Green Bay Packers host the Dallas Cowboys at 7:15 p.m. Sunday. That will be a welcome development. I’ve grown tired of the Brett Favre saga in Packerville. And he’s long gone, after being traded to the New York Jets.

In a conference call, NBC commentators talked about the Cowboys-Packers matchup, which should supply a huge rating for the network.

PRODUCER FRED GAUDELLI: “Aaron Rodgers is such a fresh story. He’s playing such terrific football after two games, and for the most part is unknown in terms of where he’s from, what he’s done and how he got to this point. I don’t see a lot of Brett Favre coming into this telecast unless something happens that automatically says you have to mention his name. But, I don’t think it’s going to be like some of the other telecasts that you’ve seen so far.”

JOHN MADDEN ON RODGERS BEING PREPARED: “This isn’t some backup who’s been there for two or three weeks or six months and coming in and playing. This is a guy that has been there, been in the system for years, and now it’s his chance. And if he really took advantage of that time, it’s going to show. I think it showed on Aaron Rodgers.”

CRIS COLLINSWORTH ON RODGERS PLAYMAKING: “One of the things that has really impressed me is the ability of Aaron Rodgers to play on the move. This is a guy like Brett (Favre) was early on in his career with the ability to scramble, to move, to make plays outside the pocket — he certainly has the ability to make throws in the pocket. I love watching the receivers on this team. I think Donald Driver and Greg Jennings are sensational, Donald Lee very good at the tight end position and James Jones is back. Honestly, I’m not sure Aaron Rodgers family could have predicted what would have happened thus far with this team.”

MADDEN COMPARING RODGERS TO ROMO: “Aaron Rodgers has been everything and more that the Packers could have expected. He throws the ball, he can move in the pocket. He can do all those things that a top quarterback has to do. And Tony Romo is the same way. They remind me of each other.”

MICHAELS ON GOING TO GREEN BAY AND FAVRE NOT BEING THERE: “I think about when you go to Chicago after Michael Jordan leaves, or in hockey the analogy would be when you went to Edmonton after Gretzky got traded to the Los Angeles Kings; Pete Rose leaves Cincinnati and goes to Philadelphia, it’s probably along those lines. When a guy builds up a tremendous currency with one team and becomes so affiliated with that team, it will be very different, but that era’s gone, and the new era is here. There’s so much excitement now in Green Bay, with the way the team has started and the way that Rodgers has started. But sure, it will be different to go in there for the first time since early ’90s not seeing number four.”

COLLINSWORTH ON RODGERS HAVING TO FOLLOW FAVRE: “I remember at Fox when John (Madden) left and I had to fill in for John with Troy Aikman and everybody told me I was stupid for doing that, and I totally agree. It’s nerve wracking enough to follow a guy like Brett Favre in

Green Bay, but I can’t imagine a scenario that’s a tougher follow, especially with what happened this off-season.”
by Mel Bracht
Copy Editor, Sports Media
Mel Bracht is a copy editor on the presentation desk and also covers sports media. A 1978 graduate of Indiana University, Bracht has been a print journalist for 34 years. He started his career as sports editor of the Rensselaer (Ind.) Republican...
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