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'Bringing Up Bobby' films at Pops, courthouse

Oklahoma-based movie starring Milla Jovovich is directed by Famke Janssen
AND MATTHEW PRICE Published: July 31, 2010

Meanwhile, Jovovich has been very positive about her Oklahoma experience on her Twitter account.

She described Oklahoma City as great and said she hopes to get a burger from Irma's.

Irma's Burger Shack co-owner Linda Lee said her restaurant sent 75 burgers out to the set one day, and that assistants showed up during shooting to deliver Irma's burgers on other occasions.

Lee said that when the order for the set came in she looked up Janssen's bio and read she was a vegetarian.

"I asked the assistant if I should make Famke a black bean burger and was told 'no,' she loves the NoName burger."

The NoName burger is made from local, organically raised beef from Bruce Boechner's NoName Ranch in Wynnewood.

Lee said she was told Janssen liked to watch what she eats and appreciated that the beef was organic and locally raised.

In addition to the Oklahoma beef, the cast is enjoying the Oklahoma sun, as well.

Jovovich wrote on Twitter that there was a "beautiful Oklahoma sunset on our ride home after work."

She also had a dramatic encounter while filming in the courthouse.

During filming in the courthouse, Jovovich said at times they shared elevators with prisoners who had just been convicted, making eye contact with one. She said that made her "sad at the human condition," but as an actor, she's trained to relate to people.