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Brody who?
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Eldridge may be team's best player

By John Helsley Modified: August 27, 2008 at 7:55 am •  Published: August 27, 2008

/> Consider it a technicality.

Eldridge plays somewhere regularly. He bounced back from that injury of two springs ago – not a knee, but a broken ankle – with a work ethic that made everyone take notice.

"I take pride in everything I do,” Eldridge said. "Because I know that what I do helps the team. And that's the only thing that matters.

"I don't care about the individual stuff. As long as I help the team, that's what matters.”

Certainly, with Eldridge, there's more than meets the stat sheet.

Basically, he blocks. Or more descriptively, he bullies.

"He's the best blocker on the team,” said Sooner running back Chris Brown. "The best.

Jon Cooper, the center on an OU offensive line lauded as one of the nation's best, doesn't dispute the claim.

"He's one of us,” Cooper said. "I give him a hard time, tell him he's a guard at heart. If he put on 30 pounds, he'd be a guard. He's just a skinny guard, really.”

Where the offensive stars collect yards and catches and touchdowns, Eldridge tallies up knockdowns of opposing players.

In last year's Miami game alone, he totaled 15.

"Almost always, he's putting somebody on the ground,” Cooper said. "Not a lot of people watch him. But just try watching him.

"Just watch him for a whole series and see how many people he gets on the ground. It's incredible.”

And it's constant.

"He's just so relentless all the time,” Wilson said. "I've gotten to where I don't even watch him, because I know he's going to do his job and I'm watching other guys.

"And when he does get beat, I'm like, ‘What happened?' Not that I take him for granted, I just don't know that I've seen a guy who was so relentless. Every day, every play, he'll block guys 10, 20, 30 yards. He'll just stay on a guy.”

If fans and the media don't notice, coaches and teammates do. His relentlessness carries over to everything he does.

"Brody's one of those guys,” Clayton said, "when somebody's tired and bent over, he'll say, ‘Hey, we don't do that around here. If we want to win national championship and play for another Big 12 championship, we've got to stand strong.'

"That's the kind of guy Brody is. You see guys like Brody doing that and other guys feed off that.”

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