Bryce Gannon's Facebook wall

Friends comment on Bryce Gannon's Facebook wall about his winning homecoming king. Gannon, of Kremlin, is one of two teens who was injured Aug. 4 in a grain elevator accident.
Oklahoman Published: September 15, 2011

I love you.

Brittaney Conrady

Hey Bryce, So happy to see your doing good! I almost started crying when I saw you! Stay strong! Love ya!

Kayla Marie Grauberger

LOVE your profile pic!!

Kaylene Classen Toelle

I'm so glad you got to come to homecoming!!! It was really nice to see you again. Congrats Mr. King.

Kierstin Nicole Copage

I'm so glad that I saw you last night. I'm really happy that your doing lots better! :)

Kenzie Grauberger

I know you don't know this but I met you last night and got a picture with me.

Jessica Britton

Congrats Bryce. Glad your okay!

Sarah Beth

Bryce, I know you don't know who I am, so before I get all soggy...I am Jennifer Dawn Richert-Photographer and my family & I know Tyler Zander & his family. I have been watching you as life has taken you down this bumpy road and I just wanted to say that you boys are hands down two of the most amazing people I have ever seen!! Looking through the pictures I couldn't help but tear up, not just because I can not image what you are going through, but because your strength & courage is what all of us need a little more of!!