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Budget Cake, Luxe Flavor

By Christopher Adamson, CTW Features Published: January 21, 2010

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“To keep costs down, choose simple, round and white,” says Fayard. She recommends adding your own decorations just before the reception, going with fresh flowers, lace or ribbon. They’re not hard to work with and make a big impact.

Flavor Doesn’t Have to Be Frugal
One thing that you should not skimp on, however, is the taste. “No one should ever sacrifice on flavor,” says Cheryl Kleinman of Cheryl Kleinman Cakes in New York. “The cake should always taste really, really good. The couple and the guests should be very satisfied.” She suggests getting a small, tastefully decorated two- or three-tiered cake for cutting in the ceremony, then sheet cakes to serve the guests. This way, you won’t have to skimp on ingredients. “The money should go into having a great-tasting cake,” Kleinman advises. “Lower-end bakers aren’t using the best ingredients, but the high-end ones are, even ingredients on an organic level.”

Your guests will remember the taste of world-class chocolate more than they will the intricate details of the sugar flowers. Plus, it’s not going to last forever – you’re going to end up eating it anyway.
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