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Bug out bag: What should you bring?

Survival group offers advice on emergency gear to have on hand.
by Heather Warlick Modified: October 23, 2013 at 10:00 pm •  Published: October 23, 2013

You don't have to be a full-blown doomsday “prepper” to have a “bugout bag” ready to go in case of emergency. Here is a list from of must-have items to include in your emergency kit:

1. Water

“In a survival situation water quickly becomes the most precious commodity,” Survival Cache writes.

2. Food

“For a three-day bugout bag, backpack meals and energy bars can be sufficient,” Survival Cache writes. “Backpack meals” are freeze-dried meals that you add boiling water to eat.

The site adds that a longer-term solution will be needed in a catastrophe that lasts for an extensive amount of time.

3. Clothing

The clothes in your bag should be similar to what you would pack for a weekend backpacking trip, and should include a pair of sturdy boots or shoes.

4. Shelter

“A tent or tarp; a ground tarp; and some type of bedroll are the key elements,” Survival Cache writes.

5. First-aid kit

Survival Cache recommends that you build your own first-aid kit instead of a prepackaged first-aid kit.

6. Basic gear

This should include rain gear and a survival knife. Have three ways to make a fire, something to cook with, and two dependable flashlights with backup batteries.

7. Weapons

Be prepared to defend yourself, the site warns, and indicates some sort of firearm may be the best choice for this.

“Take what is comfortable to you,” the site says. The site also recommends the use of a big walking stick or club.


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