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Building on downtown's image

By Larry Nichols Published: June 22, 2008

t our belief in the community has never been stronger.

We demonstrated our faith a few months ago when we proposed plans to build a new corporate headquarters just north of the Myriad Gardens. With new opportunities and new oil and gas production, we anticipate rapid growth over the next decade and we will face the need for a larger work force. Today, we have more than 1,300 employees in downtown Oklahoma City occupying space in five buildings. Within four years, we expect that number to surpass 2,000.

Our new headquarters is a necessity for our employees, and we also see it as an opportunity to create something special for downtown and its skyline. Its vast public space adjacent to the Myriad Gardens, its size and distinct design could be another point of pride for our community and another focal point for visitors to carry home with them.

Devon was born in Oklahoma City and we grew up here. We have drawn from the community's spirit in the past and we will continue to draw from its strength in the future. Oklahoma City has an exciting new story to tell and through our beautiful new headquarters, we will be proud to help tell it.

Nichols is chief executive officer of Devon Energy Corp.