Steve Lackmeyer

Tapstone Energy seeks $1.45 million in Oklahoma...

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Energy firm founded by Tom Ward plans to create 150 jobs over next five years.

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Adam Wilmoth

Oklahoma universities offer energy education...

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Universities across Oklahoma have developed energy management programs to support the growing oil and gas industry.

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Richard Mize

Oklahoma City limits, school districts take...

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What your mail says and where your kids go to school say a lot, but neither tells you where you actually live or work.

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Dave Ramsey

Your Money: Rethink investment advice from bank

Dave Ramsey | Leave a comment

Dave Ramsey: More times than not, when you go to a bank for investment advice, what you’ll get in the bargain is bad advice.

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Malcolm Berko

Taking Stock: Don't swap well-structured IRA...

Malcolm Berko | Leave a comment

Malcolm Berko: An annuity is not a good option for that heir of an individual retirement account comprised of solid,...

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