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Steve Lackmeyer

Changing lanes: E.K. Gaylord transformation set...

Steve Lackmeyer | Leave a comment

A consultant recommends narrowing E.K. Gaylord Boulevard between Reno Avenue and NW 4 in downtown Oklahoma City and adding...

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Adam Wilmoth

What should United States do with 700M barrels...

Adam Wilmoth | Leave a comment

Oilman Boone Pickens argues that the United States' strategic reserve is no longer necessary and the 700 million barrels of...

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Richard Mize

God's Country staked out on Facebook

Richard Mize | Leave a comment

The devil runs loose in Sequoyah County sometimes, but it's God's Country. Announcing that to the world via Facebook seemed...

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Dave Ramsey

Buying new van for tax purposes doesn’t make...

Dave Ramsey | Leave a comment

Dave Ramsey answers questions about personal finance.

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Malcolm Berko

Falling energy markets can be tricky for...

Malcolm Berko | Leave a comment

Malcolm Berko: This hocus-pocus, abracadabra and shazam algorithm stuff makes for good press but lousy performance. During the...

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